Friday, October 05, 2007

Mooning over Mike Martz

Seth Wikersham has an article today on that I found interesting. He talks about how Mike Martz is doing well in Detroit and St. Louis fans have to be yearning to have Martz back now that the Ram offense is in shambles under head coach Scott Linehan.
He has one thing right. We Ram fans do yearn for the "greatest show on turf". But Martz as a head coach? Never. Martz is a great offensive coordinator as Detroit is finding out. But he sucks as a head coach. He can't handle all the responsibilities. He calls timeouts when he shouldn't, he can't manage the clock or an overall game plan, and he looks like and talks like a pedophile.

Sorry , that last one has no relevance.

Still true though.

Anyway, Detroit (and teams that are head coach hunting) should not forget the lessons we Rams fans have learned. That is that Martz can't multi-task. He's good at one thing. Offense. That's it. If you get sucked into the idea that he's smart at offense so he could be smart in other things too, you'll be in for many frustrating days to come. Not to mention if he gets a head coaching gig he'll start doing press conferences again and you don't want that. On a creepiness scale Martz ranks right up there with Shanahan and Belichick. Trust me on this.

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