Tuesday, October 02, 2007

NFL Thoughts: Week 4

---I hate to say this but I'm not going to Tivo my Rams this coming weekend (first time since I got the NFL Sunday ticket). I'm not abandoning them as a fan but I'm not the type of person who likes to watch train wrecks. I've got plenty of other ways to torture myself so I'm going to watch games that don't inspire me to stick my head in an oven.

---speaking of which, I also refuse to watch Patriot games. I'm mad as hell that Randy Moss is on their team this year. This might go down in history as the greatest team ever. It makes me sick to my stomach.

---On a positive note Green Bay is doing well, which means Favre is doing well and that's always nice. I like Favre but it was pretty annoying to watch the media (who love Favre too) elevate him to God-like status even when he was playing terrible. Everybody was making excuses for him. At least when he is playing well the love sounds more legitimate. Did you read about Terry Bradshaw's man-crush on Favre though? He wrote this week that Favre's the best QB ever. Huh? Hall of famer? Yes. Better than Marino? Yes. Best ever? Not even close. Montana, Brady, Elway, & maybe Manning rank above Favre in my mind. I could see maybe calling him the best QB in the game for a couple of years (96-97) but that's all. Having said that, I'm still a Favre fan and I'm enjoying his resurgence.

---And you know what....people have been comparing Tony Romo to Favre lately. And I get it. I see it too. He's plays with a bit of recklessness and he genuinely looks like he's having fun playing the game. I have been anti-Cowboys for a few years now but even I like Romo. He's fun to watch and if not for the fact that Dalls still has Jerry Jones and Terrell Owens, I might actully like Romo's team.

---I say don't pile on Brian Griese yet. I still think he's an upgrade for Chicago. He's rusty but I believe he'll get better.

----Is Donovan McNabb bi-polar? His line was in shambles but he still looked terrible on so many of his throws.

---Cleveland has morphed into the Colts the past couple of weeks and I'm wondering which member of the organization sold his sould to Satan for that to happen.

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