Monday, October 15, 2007

NFL Thoughts: Week 6

Some brief thoughts on week 6:

---Brady and the Pats are so far above any other QB and team this year that it's downright ridiculous. But their coach is still a dick. Belichick is intent on proving he's not only a cheat but that he's a gutless bastard with absolutely no moral compass as well. His desire to run up the score on Wade Philips shows just how petty of a man he is. What an ass. I know there's not much of a chance of it happening this year, but I hope karma really comes back to bite him in the nutsack.

---My Rams are unwatchable.

---Finally, some vintage stuff from Reggie Bush this year.

---Donovon McNabb needs to keep throwing it to Kevin Curtis. Good things happen when he does.

---The Browns are an offensive juggernaut. How is this not a bigger story?

---Marvin Lewis should probably be fired this season if the Bengals don't start playing better. They have way too much talent for them to be under .500

---I'm liking Adrian Peterson more and more. He reminds me of Eric Dickerson.

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