Tuesday, November 06, 2007

NFL Thoughts: Week 9

---Mercifully, the Rams were off this week. This season is killing me. The NFC West division was ripe for the picking and yet Scott Linehan can't get this team on track. I'm ready for a new coach.

---This isn't exactly news but guess what? Randy Moss is the biggest reason the Patriots are dominating this year. Brady never used to heave balls up the way he does now. He knows his big receiver is going to come down with it. I think maybe he thought Stallworth was Moss on that bomb play he was intercepted on against the Colts. Moss changes everything. Also, did you see Dungy get dissed by Belichick ...I mean Belidick....at the end of the game? What an ass this guy is. I seriously want to see this guy go down. The level of hate is reaching epic proportions.

---Adrian Peterson is blowing my mind. Think about the hype of Reggie Bush and what he has accomplished as a runner and then think about Adrian Peterson. Peterson certainly had many admirers and going 7th in the draft does not really qualify as coming out of nowhere, but my goodness he has turned out to be awesome and exceeded all expectations. Bush seemed to take every other carry to the endzone in college and yet in the pros his longest run is 22 yards. Peterson now has multiple TD runs over 50 yards. I like Reggie Bush so I'm really not ripping on him as much as I am in awe of what Peterson is doing as a rookie. Almost 300 yards rushing against the Chargers, a defense that a year ago was being discussed as one of the best in the NFL. That incredible.

---It's time to start John Beck in Miami. Let's see what the BYU product can do.

---I'm having trouble believing that was the Baltimore defense last night. I guess having no offense year in and year out can wear on you.

---The Packers continue to surprise. I think 3 things are responsible. They have drafted well in terms of defensive players. Their defense is solid. Second, their offensive line is playing better. Favre has more time than he has had in the past few years. Third, Favre is playing better. It all equals a team that is surprising a few people, including Favre himself.

---Speaking of surprises, how about Derek Anderson of the Browns? Nice job of keeping Brady Quinn on the bench.

--The Chargers Philip Rivers is regressing instead of progressing. Even though Drew Brees had early season troubles I am still of the opinion that San Diego bet on the wrong guy. I know Rivers is young and still learning but when I watch him I just don't get the feeling that he will ever be an elite QB. And if the Colts and Pats have taught us anything the last few years it is that you need an elite QB to compete for the championship year in and year out. You might be able to squeeze into a Super Bowl on an occasional year (like the Bears, Ravens, Seahawks, etc., etc.) but if you want to be a threat consistently you have got to have a star QB. It's that simple. Ladainian Tomlinson is learning that the hard way.

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