Monday, October 08, 2007

NFL Thoughts: Week 5

Some random thoughts rolling around in my head after this past weekend:

---My Rams are still horrible this year but at least they scored some TDs this week. In fact maybe the outcome of their game with the Cardinals would have been different had the refs not totally screwed the Rams on a replay challenge. I mean how blind do they have to be to not see that Edgerrin James fumbled before he got into the end zone? And if they did believe he fumbled before hitting the goal line then they obviously missed the next call which was that the Rams recovered the ball in the endzone. A Cardinal eventually came up with the ball but not until the Ram player had possession, was down and then lost the ball. Either way the replay was clear on both points. It's not one of those plays where they lacked indisputable proof. It doesn't get any more indisputable! %$#&*! I'm still foaming at the mouth over this. Replay is supposed to fix that kind of crap! It's not the only reason the Rams lost, but how can you say a 7 point swing is not critical to a game. The Cards won by 3. I'm going to shut up now before I hyperventilate.

----The only way the Patriots are being stopped this year is if someone hires a hitman to take out Brady's knees. Sort of like a Nancy Kerrigan/Tonya Harding thing (look it up if these names make no sense). Seriously Brady cannot be stopped without intervention. What?! I'm not advocating it. I'm just saying.

---Who the hell is impersonating Drew Brees this season? That can't be the same guy who was so solid for the Chargers and downright awesome last year for the Saints. I'm baffled with the Saints and Brees especially. I know his receivers dropped some balls yesterday, but let's face it; he looks bad. In fact if we were evaluating who looks better: me in the shower or Brees on a football field, I'd probably edge him out. Considering how I look in the buff that's saying something.

---And speaking of the Saints, it's official now. Reggie Bush is a huge disappointment. When does he hit official "Bust" status? It's looming closer and closer.

--- I can't believe the Packers lost that game. They gave it away! Truly a time when a team doesn't win as much as the other team lost.

----As an ex-kicker I can feel some joy towards Texans kicker Chris Brown. If any kicker ever deserves a game ball he does. 5 field goals with 2 of them 54 yards and a nail in the coffin kick of 57 yards. Wow.

---The Chargers Michael Turner has to be a bit frustrated. Every time he gets in the game he does well. He's obviously a talented runner. But he's 25 years old, and going into his 4th year. Even if he gets a free agent deal after this season, he'll be lucky to get 3-4 years as the number one guy. That's more than many running backs get I know, but if he's as talented as it seems, it's not long enough.

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