Thursday, October 19, 2006

So What About College Football?

I know I've been neglecting college football in my posts. It's not that I'm not interested in the college game because I am. But I'll admit the passion is not there like it is for the NFL. I root for my in-state teams, Utah State (bad as usual) BYU (should be undefeated but blew what should have been an easy win at Arizona as well as handing a game to Boston College in double OT) and Utah (mediocre this year). But it's been tough to really get too interested in these teams when a screwy television deal that the Mountain West Conference has put together prevents me from seeing almost all of the BYU and Utah games on tv. What idiots from the MWC decided that it would be a good idea to create their own conference sports channel (called the "Mountain") without securing deals with the major satellite companies (Dish and DirectTV)? It's moronic.

Other college football thoughts on my mind include:

-My J.C. alma mater, Snow College is undefeated and ranked #1 in the National Junior College Athletic Association poll this week. For a J.C. team Snow has always been able to produce some really good players. In recent years, Josh Heupel (led Oklahoma to a National Championship) Kevin Curtis (WR for the St. Louis Rams), and 7 other current NFL players have played for the Badgers. Not bad for a school with enrollment less than 3,000. I know it's only jr. college football but its been fun to follow.

- I was hoping Florida could go undefeated this year. The SEC is just too good and because of that they get hosed in regards to the National Championship.

- The dismissal of QB Rhett Bomar, Adrian Peterson's injury, and the Oregon game screw-job, have made OU a hard luck team this year. I'll be interested to see whether it all becomes too much for the Sooners.

- I'm really looking forward to the Michigan/Ohio St. game.

-Two teams in the top 25 that I really would like to see lose a game or two before the season ends: Notre Dame and Texas

-Two teams in the top 25 that I would like to see win the rest of their game this season: Boise St. and West Virginia

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