Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Baseball and Me

So the Major League Baseball playoffs have started. Yay. Super. I'm so excited I'm going to go right out and buy a bag of Cracker Jack. You know just so I can get in the mood. Wait just a tick, I don't need any extra stimulation. I mean we have an abundance of excitement in the National League alone. Sure most of the teams in the Senior Circuit lost almost as many games as they won this season but that's no reason to believe these playoffs won't be magical. At least they have that young stud Ryan Howard who cranked a million homers this season right? What? Wrong? Crap. But they've got some great pitchers right? What? No Pedro? Crap. But hey we've got the American League. The upstart and scrappy A's, Tigers, and Twins are all in it. Great seasons. Then there is the Yankees. I mean who doesn't love these guys? Oh

Pardon my cynicism. This could turn out to be a great postseason with late inning heroics and nailbiting games. Seriously, I mean who knows? And actually there are a couple of things interesting to me this postseason. Not enough to get me to watch games until perhaps the ALCS but you know interesting enough that I might read about it. First, what will Pujols do? He's one of the biggest names playing still and he had a nice game last night. Can he keep it up? And second, can anyone beat the Yankees? For the second straight year, the pinstripe boys started the season struggling to win games and right away Yankee haters started crowing and Yankee lovers started moaning. This is always fairly humorous early in the season. When are people going to realize that in a 162 game season if you have as much talent as the Yankees, they will always be in the postseason. Always. When was the last time they missed it? 1994. Think about that. 12 straight years. And they aren't going away anytime soon. Sure it's been nice seeing them lose the last 5 years in the postseason but that can't last, not with the firepower they have year in and year out. What's that you say? Pitching wins championships? Well last time I looked the Yanks had some decent guys winging it as well. And then there is Jeter. Clutch.
I hope someone can beat them. I really do. My preference would be for the Twins to do it. I love Santana and they pretty much are the anti-Yankees so it would be fitting. But I'm not holding my breath. Only A-Rod is doing that. That's why the lips are purple.

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