Saturday, October 14, 2006

NFL Picks: Week 6

I'm hoping to be able to see a few more games this week after a business trip limited my NFL viewing last week to the Charger/Steelers night game. How dare my work get in the way of a bag of chips and NFL football. It's not right. Anyway on to the picks:

Lions over the Bills
Detroit has found a way to blow games in imaginative ways. Finally this week they'll decide to win one for Matt Millen who has found imaginative ways to destroy an NFL franchise.

Panthers over the Ravens
The Ravens are home and should win this game. But McNair has looked worse than Delhomme and they'll lose by a field goal.

Giants over the Falcons
I know Vick is playing at home and their defense is swarming but the Giants showed me something last week.

Cowboys over the Texans
Houston is a perfect remedy for what ails the troubled Cowboys.

Redskins over the Titans
This pick is made tougher by the pooper that Washington laid last week and the tough game Tennessee played against Indy.

Bengals over the Bucs
Can Gradkowski put another good performance together? It's much easier to imagine Carson Palmer showing him how it's done.

Eagles over the Saints
The Eagles defense will harass Brees all day. Short passes won't cut it. Unless of course Bush takes a short pass all the way. Then I'll feel stupid.

Rams over the Seahawks
I know the Rams aren't as good as their 4-1 record but I'm going with my heart on this one.

Jets over the Dolphins
The Jets really stunk it up last week but they'll be at home and the Dolphins have stunk all season.

Steelers over the Chiefs
This is a tough one to pick. But Pittsburgh has got to start playing better sometime.---Don't they?

Chargers over the 49ers
It shouldn't be close

Broncos over the Raiders
Easiest pick of the week.

Bears over the Cardinals
Didn't Leinart pick apart the 1st string Chicago defense in the preseason? Of course the preseason also gave us a 3-1 Oakland Raider team....I'm just saying...

Last Week: 12-1 (92%)

Overall: 55-18 (75%)

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