Friday, October 06, 2006

NFL Picks: Week 5

I've heard some people call this a "make or break" week for many teams. It's a little early for a win to mean anyone has made it, but it is true that a loss just might break a few. Here's my picks for this week.

Patriots over the Dolphins
Right now this is a no-brainer.

Saints over the Bucs
Brees needs to get it in the endzone more often but overall he's looking pretty good. On the other hand a rookie (Gradkowski) on the road for his first start is usually not a good thing.

The Giants over the Redskins
NY is at home and has had time to prepare with the bye week. And maybe Shockey and Coughlin kissed and made up....or not. I'm pretty iffy about this one because the Skins offense is starting to kick into gear.

The Lions over the Vikings
The Detroit offense is also starting to click. Roy Williams is killing cornerbacks.

Panthers over the Browns
The Browns just aren't that good. I mean they almost lost to the Raiders.

Bears over the Bills
This could be a trap game for the Bears. They are feeling pretty good about themselves. But I guess they have reason to.

Rams over the Packers
The Packers are due for some good luck aren't they? I hope it's not this week against my Rams.

Colts over the Titans
Vince Young might find some running room (everyone else has against the Colts) but the opposing QB is just a tad bit more experienced. And better.

Jaguars over the Jets
Both need this to stay in the hunt. It should be close but Jacksonville kicks a field goal to win it.

Chiefs over the Cardinals
I don't know if I believe in Damon Huard yet but at least we have an example of him succeeding this season. Arizona is stilling waiting on that. Leinart's first start should be interesting.

Eagles over the Cowboys
Philly will play like this is the Super Bowl. I don't know if that's a good thing though.

Chargers over the Steelers
If Schottenheimer can ever break out of his conservative mindset, Rivers might just develop into a great QB. Ward is still hurting and Roethlisberger has flat out sucked so far.

Broncos over the Ravens
In an ugly game kicker Jason Elam comes through again.

Last Week: 9-5

Season: 43-17

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