Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The real story behind last night

Bears 24/ Cards 23
Yeah that was one of the craziest games I've ever watched. But after we get finished dumping on the Cardinals and praising the Bears defense and special teams we still have to deal with the fact that the Bears offense really sucked. Specifically Rex Grossman sucked donkeys. I mean that had to be one of the worst games I have ever seen a QB play. Four interceptions and two lost fumbles and a 38% completion rate. He almost single handedly lost that game. Only luck, some outstanding Bear hits and a some incredible stupid plays by the Cardinals saved Rex's ass. He's played great so far this season so maybe a letdown game was inevitable. But it looked like he was going for the home run on every play. Yeah Rex, we get it, you've thrown a few 40 yarders this season. Now try the 10 yard hook. It works sometimes. When playoff time comes the long bomb is not always going to be there. 6 minute drives with a few dink passes here and there can be a QBs best friend to open up the middle of the field as well as the bomb. If it sounds like I'm bagging on Grossman, ....well, I am. But it's out of love. Ok...not love because I'm not into Rex that much, but you know, I like to watch him throw a football.
Anyway, I'm glad that game came out like it did. I don't want the Cardinals getting better anytime soon. The Rams have their hands full with the Seahawks.

I have to mention just a couple of things about the Cardinals last night. An angry Dennis Green in the interview room is always good for a laugh. Also, two mistakes by Cardinal players really stood out last night. One is the missed block by the Cardinal offensive tackle Oliver Ross that resulted in Leinart getting blindsided and losing the ball for the first of Chicago's gift TDs. He might want to miss the film session when that one is played. The other mistake was the missed tackle on Devin Hester's punt return for a TD. Watch the replay again if you can. There is a Cardinal player who has a direct line on Hester and yet he is so worried about the guy who's going to block him that he forgets he is actually running down the field to tackle Hester. Then when Hester runs by him, he turns and is like "oh shit, that's the dude I want". Another blood vessel will pop in Green's neck when he watches that one.

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