Friday, October 20, 2006

NFL Picks: Week 7

With my Rams off this week I'll be rooting for the Vikings to upend the Seahawks at home. That and a TD-less game for T.O. It's not too much to ask for is it? ---On to the picks:

Jets over the Lions
I want to pick the Lions but I'm going with the Jets to pull one out at home.

Packers over Miami
Favre will have a good enough day to outshine Harrington. Wow. That statement shows you just how bad it's been for Bret Favre the past couple of years.

Eagles over the Bucs
McNabb and Co. are ready to roll again.

Chargers over the Chiefs
The Chiefs have been like Jekyll and Hyde this season while the Chargers should be undefeated.
Of course K.C. needs more of the Hyde personality because everyone knows Jekyll is a wuss.

Bengals over the Panthers
I'm thinking Cincy gets it in their heads this week that they're supposed to be good.

Patriots over the Bills
The Bills usually play the Pats tough. And maybe they will again. But they'll also lose again.

Steelers over the Falcons
Can Atlanta lose two straight at home? -- Yep.

Jaguars over the Texans
The Jags aren't getting much attention this year. A win over Houston won't really help.

Broncos over the Browns
If Plummer doesn't step it up then the cries for Cutler will only increase.

Colts over the Redskins
This may be the week the run defense kills the Colts. Portis could trash them. But I can't pick them with the way Brunnell and their defense played last week.

Seahawks over the Vikings
Seattle will roll at home against a so-so Viking team.

Cardinals over the Raiders
Leinart will live up to the promise he showed against the Bears.

Cowboys over the Giants
I hope I'm wrong about this one. I'm beginning to really hate the Cowboys. I'm talking Patriot level animosity here.

Last Week 9-4 (69%)

Overall: 64-22 (74%)

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