Sunday, October 03, 2010

NFL: Week 4 Picks

Rams over the Seahawks. What can I say? I'm a Ram fan. I want to drink this kool-aid. I need to drink this kool-aid.

Jets over the Bills. This could easily be a trap game for NY. Humility is hard for these guys. Some swagger is good but overconfidence in this league can sometimes bite you.

Ravens over the Steelers. This week the Steelers come back to earth. They really will need Roethlisberger.

Saints over the Panthers. Saints should have won that game last week. An extra point field goal miss was not the only reason they lost but it's the main reason.

Titans over the Broncos. Kyle Orton. 2nd in the league in passing yards. Knowing that McDaniels will want to pass that doesn't come as a major surprise. But Orton's 97 QB rating does make me raise my eyebrows. Titans at home today so I'm saying Young and Johnson keep the Broncos at bay.

Packers over the Lions. If the Packers can eliminate some mistakes this shouldn't be close. It's weird but to me it seems that last year was filled with mistakes for the offense as well. Very good offense but at critical times they would do something stupid. If they keep it up it will bite them in the fanny come playoff time.

Bengals over the Browns. The battle for Ohio. Yay.

Falcons over the 49ers. San Fran goes into crisis mode after today. Alex Smith should be better than he is. Another offense coordinator goes down in flames and the constant turnover in coaches hasn't helped him any but at some point talent should take over. He has flashes but nothing sustained. I rooted for him in college at Utah but if I was a 49er fan I would be tearing my hair out with the inconsistency.

Texans over the Raiders. The improvement of McFadden has to be encouraging for Oakland. I'm guessing thought that the Texans rebound today.

Colts over the Jags. Jacksonville always plays Indy tough. Could be an upset today. I'll stick with Manning and hope that BYU guy Austin Collie has another big day.

Chargers over the Cardinals. This shouldn't be much of a game should it? Ken Whisenhunt though is a decent coach and has the Cardinals doing something they haven't done under other head coaches. Playing hard.

Eagles over the Redskins. Maybe McNabb will come in and get ultimate revenge on the team that jettisoned him. Maybe Vick will continue to play well. Probably won't be both today though.

Giants over the Bears. Upset special for tonight. I keep picking against the Bears and they keep surprising. Maybe they're just good.

Pats over the Dolphins. Dolphins look pretty good this year. The Pats defense is suspect but they have Brady, Moss, Welker, etc. and that should be enough.

Last week 6-10 (double ouch!)
Overall: 23-25 (triple ouch!)

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