Thursday, October 28, 2010

NFL Picks: Week 8

Another banner week for me last week in picking games. Not. I'm now hovering around 50%. Yikes. Well..... if you fall off the horse, just get right b.......ah hell,'s the picks:

Redskins over the Lions. Stafford's back but won't he be rusty?

Cowboys over the Jags. All Doom and Gloom in Cowboy Country. Hey, John Kitna has played some decent QB in this league before. Maybe he'll channel his 2003 season. (3,500 yards 26 TDs).

Bengals over the Dolphins. There is no reason to pick Cincy over Miami. Except they're home and maybe they'll finally play like their preseason hype.

Chiefs over the Bills. It's been written about a ton this week, but Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick has a pretty good passer rating at this point. Yay. Buffalo is saved. How about we wait a few weeks to see where that rating goes. And how long does Fitzpatrick have to be in the league before they stop referring to him as the Harvard guy? That's almost an indictment in the NFL ----I like the Chiefs. Two of the most underrated runners in the NFL: Thomas Jones and Jaamal Charles.

Rams over the Panthers. What happened to my Rams last week? Awesome first half. Crappy 2nd half. They have to win those games.

49ers over the Broncos. I thought Troy Smith was a decent backup in Baltimore. Reports have him starting for the 49ers this week. How bad must David Carr suck? Stick a fork in his career. He's done. I like Alex Smith but it would be quite the story if the other Smith (Troy) came out, played well, and snatched the starting job.

Jets over the Packers--Just not sure the undisciplined Pack can deal with the Jets Defense.

Chargers over the Titans---Speaking of lacking some discipline.....the Chargers need a new coach but I think they will still pull it together in time for this week's game against a legitimate playoff contender.

Bucs over the Cardinals ---I hope the result is opposite of this with Max Hall playing better. But maybe Tampa has something we're missing. Their coach thinks they're awesome. Which is awesome in a self delusional sort of way.

Pats over the Vikings --a Superbowl contender against a Superbowl pretender.

Seahawks over the Raiders. Mcfadden is starting to live up to his promise. He's averaging over 5 yards a carry. The Raiders are not a total joke this year. Considering that Al Davis is apparently alive that's kind of weird.

Steelers over the Saints. I want to say the Saints, but the Steelers have been too good this season. Damn them.

Colts over the Texans. Manning is shorthanded and he and the Colts got punched by the Texans last time they met. They usually play well at home though and Manning sometimes can just will a win or two on his own.

Last Week: 5-9
Overall: 51-52

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