Thursday, October 07, 2010

NFL Picks: Week 5

Jets over the Vikings --There are a lot of things to dislike about Brett Favre over the last few years. One thing that seemed cool about him though was the fact that he seemed to have a great family and he seemed (after a few rough years in the beginning of his career) to be a pretty decent husband and father. Apparently Favre is an even bigger deuchebag than we knew. As you probably know Deadspin has pretty decent evidence that Favre was trying to hook ex-FSU cowgirl Jen Sterger while she was working for the Jets and he was a Jet. How in this day and age can pro athletes ever leave messages or send pics that could seriously embarrass them? Notice I didn't say how could they screw around on their family? I'm coming to the realization that for enabled, pampered and egotistic athletes it's really not a question of if but when they will cheat on their loved ones. Really Brett?-- sending pics of your manparts over a phone to a chick half your age? Can a dude really destroy his legacy any more thoroughly than Favre has done in the past 3 years? Have to go with the Jets this weekend just for the sheer douchiness of Favre.

Colts over the Chiefs- The Chiefs are interesting this year. Why are they not giving the ball more to Jamaal Charles? He's getting less touches than Thomas Jones. I know Jones is not washed up to say the least but Charles is ripping off runs at 7 yards a clip. I mean...damn.

Broncos over the Ravens.
toss up.

Panthers over the Bears. I have no idea what Collins will do for the Bears at QB. So far this season Cutler has been good and Chicago has to hope the drilling he took in Week 4 doesn't have lasting effects.

Jags over the Bills- Jags are the Jekyll and Hyde of the NFL. The Bills are more like the Barney Fife of the League.

Bengals over the Bucs- T.O. is killing it this season. This guy is going to be one of the most disliked Hall of Famers to ever don the yellow blazer. Right after Favre.

Falcons over the Browns- This is a year that Matt Ryan needs to prove he's for real.

Rams over the Lions. Hopefully not a step backwards for my Rams this week. The Lions however are due for a few breaks to fall their way.

Texans over the Giants --That was a flat out mauling the G-Men Defense gave the Bears. Looked like the Giants of a couple of years ago. Can they do it 2 weeks in a row against a much better offense? I'm going with with Shaub and Foster this week.

Packers over the Redskins --Why have I not jumped on the Aaron Rodgers bandwagon sooner? He seems like a genuinely good guy. The Anti-Favre.

Saints over the Cardinals - I'd love to see new AZ starter Max Hall do great this week. But you just know the Saints are going to throw the kitchen sink at him. Hope he knows how to duck.

Cowboys over the Titans-- I like the Cowboys at home this week. Well.....the word "like" might be a bit strong. I think they'll win. How's that?

Chargers over the Raiders. I wonder what Bolt's WR Vincent Jackson is thinking right about now. Is he wishing he would have taken the initial offer the Chargers offered him? If the players get locked out next year then he's going sitting a long time between snaps.

49ers over the Eagles--Not really a good reason for this pick. The Eagles are far more interesting if Vick is playing. I like Kolb though and in fact I like Alex Smith at QB too. I hope both of these guys can get their crap together and start earning their keep.

Last week:9-4
Overall: 32-29

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