Friday, October 22, 2010

NFL Picks: Week 7

Eagles over the Titans. Because the Titans QBs are banged up.

Chiefs over the Jags. Jacksonville is the definition of a mediocre team. Del Rio has never committed to improving the offense. It's a problem I think with some ex defensive players turned coaches. They think a running game and some good defense is good enough. This ain't 2000 and the Ravens aren't walking through that door.

Ravens over the Bills. This week would be a good one for Harbough to take the training wheels off for Flacco. Let the kid throw the ball coach.

Saints over the Browns. McCoy survived the Steelers and now he gets the Saints. Brees could teach him a bit about being an undersized QB in the league.

Bears over the Redskins.

Falcons over the Bengals. This will be the week the Bengals will probably wake up. But they are in Atlanta so I'm going with the home team.

Dolphins over the Steelers. Not sure if picking against the Steelers right now is smart but the Dolphins surprise people now and then.

Rams over the Bucs. More Bradford. I like him a lot.

Cards over the Seahawks.

Pats over the Chargers. Chargers are essentially eliminated from the playoffs with the loss.
Broncos over the Raiders.

Packers over the Vikes. This will be Rodgers revenge.

Cowboys over the Giants.

49ers over the Pathers. 2 in a row for San Fran would be a real accomplishment.

Last week: 10-4
Overall: 46-43

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