Wednesday, October 06, 2010

NBA: it's fantastic......Except when it's not. Which is most of the time.

Just a quick thought on the upcoming B-Ball season.

First being a Utah Jazz fan I can say to all Bulls fans: welcome to the Injured World of Carlos Boozer. Good luck with him. You are going to get frustrated with how much time he will spend on the bench in street clothes. I'm hoping Utah's new big man Al Jefferson can replicate some of Boozer's offensive play while avoiding the injury bug.

Second. Count me as a Heat hater. I used to root for Dwyane Wade but Mr. James has ruined that. I've already vented about Lebron and the "Decision" and I'm among the many who find the narcissistic superstar a bit of weenie. Still I'm not one who think the Heat will have a rough go of it this season. Lebron consistently won big with a bunch of nobodys in Cleveland. Now people are saying, well besides Bosh, Wade, Miller, and Haslem he has a bunch of nobodys so that's going to hurt the Heat. Huh? He won 60 games by himself and now he has 2 superstars with him plus a couple of other really nice role players. Depth might hurt them in the Conference finals or the Finals if they make it there but they are going to destroy people in the regular season. It's going to be fairly depressing. Additionally, with Shaq going to the Celtics now there really is nobody for me to root for east of the Mississippi. I guess Orlando is somewhat likable with Dwight Howard but my hopes will center in the West. The nightmare scenario for me will be the Lakers vs. the Heat in the finals. I might have to light my hair on fire at that point.

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