Sunday, November 25, 2007

NFL Thoughts: Week 12

---The Rams/Seahawks game just perfectly captures the theme for St. Louis the past couple of years. Down on the goal line they fumbled a perfectly winnable game away just like they've squandered an opportunity to dominate a weak division the past two years. It's pathetic.

----I've got to agree with Don Banks for about Eli Manning. He's mediocre and likely will never rise above that label. This a guy who every once in a while can put together a great game and make people think, "oh yeah that's why we drafted him....that and because his last name is Manning". The Vikings ought to send Eli a busload of roses for handing them this week's game.

----I'm pretty sure the Broncos Mike Shannahan should never have the word genius attached to his name again. Devin Hester's two TDs prove that. Didn't you get the memo Mike that nobody is kicking to this guy anymore?

---In the past Brett Favre passing too much has led to disaster. Not this year. His running game isn't as atrocious as rumored but it's still up to him to win games and this year it's happening. I like it.

---I like the three games on Thanksgiving. My wife is like, "what ? football again? You've been watching it all day" . I'm like, "yeah, so? It's Thanksgiving". End of discussion.

--damn the Patriots. Eagles almost had them.

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