Sunday, November 18, 2007

NFL Thoughts: Week 11

This being Thanksgiving week and all, I should be thankful for a few things.

---I'm thankful for the Patriots. Seriously. I mean I hate them and all but at least they have helped me define true evil.

---I'm thankful the Rams beat the 49ers. We still get to count it as victory right?

---I'm thankful for the Packers. At least there is one team in the NFC I can be happy about.

---This isn't NFL related, but I'm thankful for the season Alabama is having. Looked good in the beginning but now the wheels are falling off. Couldn't happen to a bigger dork---unless it was Belichick---Congrats on really bringing your pizazz to the SEC this year Nick Saban. Here's hoping you destroy that program like you destroyed the Dolphins.

---I'm thankful for Tony Romo. Being the hater I am, usually the Cowboys rate pretty high on my "wishing for all bad things to happen to them" scale. Romo actually has me watching him play sometimes and currently the Cowboys are only at "slightly dislike".

---I'm thankful for Willie Parker. Draft picks can be overrated.

--I'm thankful for pie. Whoever invented pie should automatically make it to Heaven no questions asked. Oh and whoever made pie a Thanksgiving staple should also be given serious consideration at the pearly gates. I love Thanksgiving.

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