Thursday, September 27, 2007

NFL Thoughts: Week 3

Some belated thoughts on this past week's NFL action:

---Lost in all the hoopla about Donovan McNabb's resurgence and "stick it to his critics" performance was the fantastic game of my favorite player (and fellow alum of Snow College and Utah State University) Kevin Curtis. He had 200 freaking yards receiving in the first half! Curtis is fast and pretty sure handed so McNabb would do well to keep slinging it his way. Being a Rams fan, I am obviously a big supporter of Isaac Bruce, but I still think it was a mistake for them to re-sign Isaac instead of making Curtis their number 2 receiver. He wasn't going to stick around forever and remain the 3rd option. The Eagles figured he's a number 1 or 2 receiver and I agree. Naturally I'm biased with him having a similar background to me. I feel like I'm rooting for my brother in some ways. Still you can't ignore the fact that when the ball is thrown his way he produces.

---Speaking of the Rams, I'm thinking of wearing a bag over my head in my living room this week as I watch the game. It's getting pretty pathetic. I don't know what Linehan is doing to this team but I never thought there would be a day I'd actually be recalling the Mike Martz era with fondness. In fact I remember thinking to myself that Hell would have to freeze over first before that day would come. You know what?.... it's chilly but at least I have the minions of Lucifer to keep me company.

---Green Bay's Brett Favre is talking about how he's listening to coaches this season about taking care of the ball. It seems to be working. He's had a great first three games and the Pack are right now in control of the division. My question is why couldn't he buy into the whole "study film hard and play smart" attitude the past 5 years? I'm a big fan of Favre and I feel like he has always given it his all on the field but that his preparation and willingness to listen to coaches has been at times lacking. He's a Hall of Famer and granted he hasn't exactly been playing with fellow Hall members the past few years (sometimes he's tried to do too much to compensate) , but he I think he also has missed a coach like Holmgren who could reign him in a bit and demand a bit more focus. Anyway, I'm hoping Favre and the Packers keep it up. It's nice to see them winning.

---The Bears Lovie Smith is stubborn to a fault. Grossman should have been benched long ago. Griese is no savior but I think if Smith gives him the same loyalty he gave Grossman, he will prove a more steady QB. With the opportunistic defense that Chicago has, steady is what they need.

---The Patriots just might go undefeated this season. The one thing that burns me up though is the fact that they have a creampuff division year in and year out. They have six games with division cupcakes every year that are almost always automatic wins. Sure the Jets, Dolphins, or Bills might occasionally take a game. But it's rare and you know the serial killer (Belichick) just cackles maniacally in his secret room at home (where he stashes all cheating materials and few dead bodies) when he gets out the schedule and sees a division foe coming up.

---I'm not sure what to think of the Steelers or Cowboys. Good teams? Probably. Super Bowl contenders? I'm in wait and see mode.

---I don't think it's panic time yet for the Bengals and Chargers. However, if they lose their next games they ought to hit the red button. The Saints should have been hitting that button at halftime this past weekend.

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