Wednesday, September 12, 2007

NFL Thoughts: Week 1

Some very brief thoughts about this past weekend's NFL action:

  • I loved the Cowboys/Giants game. I would have rather seen the Giants win the game and T.O. have zero catches or TDs but I'll take a high scoring game anyday of the week.

  • Why do my Rams lose so many games they should win? Carolina played a decent game but the Rams sure helped them out a lot. Jackson fumbled twice killing key drive and Bulger was uncharacteristically innacurate. The defense is going to be enough of a challenge this year, we don't need the offense to become Bears/Ravens like.

  • The Patriots spying techniques are no surprise. I bet there are many teams, if not all that try to steal coach's signs. That's why offensive coaches put ther play sheets over their mouths when talking to the QB. And by the way isn't that kind of dumb too? I mean what if you have a nice laminated play sheet and someone with a zoomed in lens gets a shot of your plays while you have it held up to your face? And I guess the whole point of holding it up in front of your face is because of the idea that defenses watch how long the coach talks when sending in the play. If it's short, it's a run. A pass play takes longer to signal in because the verbage is more complex. So if that's the case, don't the defenses now just see how long the coach keeps the card in front of his face? Depending on how long he talks behind the card, that will determine the play call right? How exactly does it help? I've watched the coaches and I doubt they are holding the card up longer than necessary just to fool defenses. They have too much else on their mind to get that smart.

  • And by the way, the Patriots were everything I feared they would be. May they burn in hell. You have to wonder if Brady would have a couple more Super Bowl rings if they (meaning Bellichick) hadn't been so damn smug about themselves the past few years, thinking they could win with anybody that threw a uniform on for them. Now Brady has his own personal wet dream for an offense and I couldn't be sicker about it. Exuse me while I vomit.

  • Paging Loving Grossman sucks.......

  • I was disappointed in the Saint's performance. That was not the Drew Brees I know.

  • It's good to have the NFL back for another year in my life. I still have not bowed to the fantasy football addiction. Perhaps next year I'll give it a try. I just know that if I get into it, I'd be a psycho. Not that I'm normal anyway.

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