Tuesday, September 04, 2007

An Armchair NFL Preview

Before the season starts I thought I'd post my thoughts on how the division races will go.

AFC East

Who I think will win: NE Patriots
Who I want to win: Buff. Bills
The Skinny: Brady is still awesome and now he has weapons. Their defense will be tough too. The Jets may make a run which would be nice. The Patriots have had a free ride in this division for too long.

AFC North

Who I think will win:
Cincinnati Bengals
Who I want to win: Bengals
The Skinny: I know Baltimore is the better pick here with a defense that never seems to decline but Billick has never recreated the offensive magic he had in Minnesota. Can you imagine how many games the Ravens would have won if they had the Bengals offense of the past two years. I like the Bengals to score a ton of points this year and hang on.

AFC South

Who I think will win: Ind. Colts
Who I want to win: Ind. Colts
Skinny: As long as Manning is running the ship they should be fine. The rest of this division is an enigma.

AFC West

Who I think will win:
S.D. Chargers
Who I want to win: S. D. Chargers
Skinny: The Chargers may not win as many games as last year, but they should still take this division handily. Denver may chase them but I think Cutler is still a year or two shy of being ready for the big time

NFC East

Who I think will win: Phil. Eagles
Who I want to win: Phil. Eagles
Skinny: If McNabb can stay healthy I think they edge the Cowboys. If he goes down though all bets are off. I know Garcia led them last year to success but Kevin Kolb is a rookie and I wouldn't want to bet my life savings on him doing the same thing.

NFC North

Who I think will win: Chicago Bears
Who I want to win: Green Bay Packers
Skinny: Even if Grossman sucks again, Griese is a decent option for them. They should be good enough to slip by the Lions, Packers & Vikings who all should be better than they were last year.

NFC South

Who I think will win: N.O. Saints
Who I want to win: N.O. Saints
Skinny: How can you not like Drew Brees. He's a stud and if he can replicate last year they should torch some teams. Bush, McCallister & Colston give him options and if their defense can improve slightly they will be tough to beat.

NFC West

Who I think will win: Seattle Seahawks (dammit)
Who I want to win: St. Louis Rams
Skinny: My Rams need some serious improvement on defense and I hope the rookie Carriker can help out with that. Their offense should be fine but I've seen too many games that they should have won the past couple of years to pick them first. Seattle just does enough to handle this division. It's scary for me that the Cardinals and 49ers are getting better as well. Its been nice the past few years to count them out before they even played.

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