Sunday, November 12, 2006

NFL Thoughts: Week 10

It's a weird world in the NFL. Crazy games. Crazy teams. It's sorta fun to speculate on who has a shot at the Super Bowl isn't it? And when I say fun, I mean I'd rather grab a hot coal from a bon-fire and shove it down my throat. Yep. I'm super excited about the league today. There is nothing like that week where you pull yourself out of your delusional fantasy world and face the ugly realization of A) knowing your team sucks, and B) knowing they won't be in the post-season.

So anyway, back to teams that could be Super Bowl bound (i.e. not my Rams). Nobody looks like a lock do they? The Colts are a good bet on any Sunday but they can't stop the run (and sometimes the pass); the Patriots look strangely vulnerable; the Bears looked good again today but the Cardinal and Dolphin games are still fresh in our minds; and the Chargers were fantastic on offense this week but for supposedly having a great defense they have shown some cracks (even when Merriman was playing). I guess this means the post-season should be entertaining huh? And when I say entertaining I guess I mean it.

I've got some abbreviated thoughts on today's action due to some work issues, so I'm not commenting on every game played. But I do have some senseless drivel that you ought to read anyway.

I'm pretty sure I know what Brady wants for Christmas.
-What's with the Patriot's home field? It's like a run-down high school field. I know the weather was bad today but that place looks crappy on a sunny day. So of course it's going to be a mud pit in wet weather (basically Oct-Dec in New England). What an embarrassment for an NFL team that is worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Owner Bob Kraft ought to be ashamed of that atrocity. And oh yeah his team has shocked me and now lost two in a row.

(jumping up and down wildly)

Also is Belichick serious with those cut off hoody sleeves? I just whined about some hypocrisy in college football the other day but then Pro Football's dress code double standard rears it's ugly (seriously, hideously ugly) head. So ......the league office will fine some player 5 grand for writing something on his shoes or not putting his socks on correctly but they'll go ahead and let Belichick wear this crap every week without a peep? He ought to be tarred and feathered. Actually that might inspire a new look for him. Never mind. ---Time for the NFL to institute the "Belichick rule" stating that their head coaches need to look better than a guy on the street looking for a 10 dollar hooker. Also are you with me yet that Belichick is a closet serial killer? Watch this guy for more than 5 minutes and tell me he's not chopping people into little bits. When they find his collection in his freezer someday, just remember I told you so.

On again, off again
- Inconsistency is killing several teams. Michael Vick has just got to drive Jim Mora nuts as coach. He single handedly wins and loses games for you. But the Falcons are not alone. The Lions, Jaguars, Packers, Jets, Cowboys, Eagles, Vikings, ---aww hell, just about the whole league---are alternating between looking great one week and looking like...uh....the Cardinals the next next week.

(Big Sigh)
My Rams are done. Or dumb. Either one works. They have had a perfect opportunity the past couple of weeks to make up ground on Seattle and they blew it. When the Seahawks get Hasslebeck and Alexander back they will be in the driver's seat and ready for cruise control until the playoffs. I'm just going to go kill myself now. Don't bother getting up.

Carpe Diem?
See the thing about the Kurt Warner story in 1999 is that when he had the opportunity to pull the rug out from Trent Green, he not only pulled it out but then wrapped Green up in it, tied some 50 pound weights on either end and then threw it in the lake. In other words he grabbed the opportunity and refused to give the coaching staff any other reason to not play him. On the other hand Damon Huard just opened up the Chiefs QB job again with less than inspired play against a scrappy but inferior Miami team. His overall play for the past month will buy some good will but if he does get to start again next week he needs to have a big game.

This point also applies to the situation in Jacksonville. And you know, this isn't the only year people have been clamoring for David Garrard in Jaguar land. Late last year he had a shot to show he was the guy--and didn't do it. Now again Jacksonville fans (and probably some team members and coaching staff) are ready to hand the reins over to him but Garrard has laid another egg--this time against a team they should beat. Houston has played some teams tough this year but Jacksonville is still the better team. If you are going to "Wally Pipp" someone you can't suck. That's the rule.

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