Wednesday, November 22, 2006

NFL Picks: Week 12

I'm having Thanksgiving dinner with the in-law's extended family and I'm pretty sure they don't watch football at all that day. In fact it will be extremely awkward for me to try and turn their tv set on. If I didn't have Tivo I would probably go out and buy a min-set I could sneak in. Conversely, my wife just called to tell me that her friend's family tradition is to plan their whole meal around the day's football schedule. I guess my wife and her were chatting about how ridiculous that was. I said to my wife, "can you get me directions to their house?"

^= home team

Lions^over the Dolphins
Detroit doesn't want to lose to Joey Harrington

Cowboys^ over the Bucs
Lately, Dallas is looking too good to pick against them.

Chiefs^ over the Broncos
This may be the game where Cutler gets in.

Bengals over the Browns^
Palmer is looking much better.

Bills^ over the Jaguars
I shouldn't let last week's brilliant performance by Losman influence me. But maybe the magic will continue one more game. Plus the Jags have been so up and down all season I'm going to bet this is another off-week for them.

Steelers over the Ravens^
This pick doesn't make any sense. So be it.

Falcons^ over the Saints
This is the week that Vick performs well again. Afterwards he'll mock those who would ever question him again. Sorry Mike, I'm already questioning my prediction for your performance this week.

Panthers over the Redskins
Tough year for Washington.

Rams^ over the 49ers
San Fran has owned the Rams the last couple of years but this is desperation time in St. Louis.

Vikings^ over the Cardinals
I'm taking the Vikes because it's a home game. That's it. If they were on the road I'd take the Cardinals.

Jets^ over the Texans
This one will be close. A field goal wins it.

Chargers^ over the Raiders

Patriots^ over the Bears
Let's see how Brady does with decent field now.

Titans^ over the Giants
Tiki Barber has become a whiner. His latest shots aimed at Coughlin add another dimension to the whole "I'm retiring" saga. It's obvious he doesn't enjoy playing under a taskmaster like Coughlin and that probably fuels his desire to leave the game after this season. I wonder if he would be sticking around for another couple of years if he had a coach like Tony Dungy. Food for thought.

Colts^ over the Eagles
The Eagles won't lay down but without McNabb I just don't see a win for them.

Seahawks^ over the Packers
It will be close because Hasslebeck needs to get his timing back.

Last week: 13-3 (81%)

Overall 105-54 (66%)

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