Friday, November 10, 2006

College Football Hypocrisy

You know why I like the NFL better than College Football? Less Hypocrisy. Take the whole Louisville national championship debate for instance. And yes I'm aware they lost last night. But that only reinforces my point which I'll get to in a minute. Back to Louisville. Before they lost to a very good Rutgers team many people were up in arms with the thought of them playing someone like Michigan or Ohio St. for the title. As Mark Schlabach wrote in a good article on that detailed this hypocrisy , the West Virginia/Louisville game was lambasted for too much offense and not enough defense. Yet the high scoring title game between Texas and USC was an instant classic. Nobody talked about those teams as being less than worthy of being there. Also, a much praised Michigan team just allowed Ball St. to score 26 points on them. Ball St!. Last week, Florida barely beat Vanderbilt. Nobody wants to talk about how unimpressive these games were. Now if Louisville, West Virginia, or Rutgers had barely beat Ball St., then the cry would go out nationally, "they're not worthy"! It's complete crap and I'm sick of it. Even those that were willing to concede Louisville's right to the title game are less than kind about Rutger's right to play for the title. I ask why? If Louisville deserves to be there then if Rutgers beats W. Virginia and runs the table then why the hell shouldn't they get the same consideration? Perception that's why. No history. Not one of the big boys. The Big East doesn't have the same rep as the SEC, Big 12, Big 10, etc. It's all so maddening to me that I sometimes want to wash my hands of the whole thing. I always hear, "well if they were in the SEC there is no way they go undefeated", or "if Florida was in the Big East they wouldn't lose a game". Maybe. But there is no way to know for sure is there? Because college football allows computers and people's opinions to decide who plays for the championship there will never be a way to know! Which brings up another point. If the SEC claims they are penalized for being such a tough conference (meaning it's unlikely that a team will go undefeated), why do they not push for a playoff system? Even an Auburn team that went undefeated a couple of years ago got screwed. Until there is a playoff system that allows teams like Rutgers, Louisville, Boise St., etc. to show if they are worthy, and also lets teams in tough conferences like the SEC prove that they deserve a shot even with a loss , I will continue to treat College Football as an afterthought. Sure the NFL has it's problems. But at least the championship is decided on the field.

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