Friday, November 17, 2006

NFL Picks: Week 11

After 6 weeks of the NFL season I had correctly picked 74% of the winners. Since then I've been 28-29 and now sitting overall at 64%. To get back on track I thought about going opposites this week. But every time I attempt to pick the opposite of what I'd normally do I break down and start crying uncontrollably. I knew I shouldn't have gone to see Flags of Our Fathers last night.

^=home team

Panthers^ over the Rams
I've lost some faith in the Rams defense. Can you blame me?

Buccaneers^ over the Redskins
First start for Jason Campbell is on the road. The Bucs are struggling so it's not a bad decision.

Bengals^ over the Saints
I keep picking em and they keep losing. Your welcome New Orleans.

Eagles^ over the Titans
The Titans will play Philly tough.

Chicago over the Jets^
It's up to Rex to make sure the on again off again play doesn't continue this week.

Dolphins^ over the Vikings
According to Sport's Illustrated's Peter King, Nick Saban is a top 5 NFL coach. Apparently Peter doesn't let the whole wins versus losses thing affect his judgement.

Chiefs^ over the Raiders
With the Raiders offense coming to town the Trent Green gamble is easier to make.

Patriots over the Packers^
3 losses in a row? Nah. But I'll tell you this much, two losses in a row would have come a lot sooner had Tom Brady known that was all it took to get rid of the wasteland they called a field in Gillette Stadium (new turf installed this week).

Steelers over the Browns^
The Steelers aren't going to quit. Otherwise Bill Cowher spits in their faces. .....oh wait..

Ravens^over the Falcons
If Vick struggled against the Lion's and Brown's defenses what will happen against the Ravens? Maybe he'll surprise us again. I'm not holding my breath.

Texans^ over the Bills
Carr has a big day at home.

Cardinals^ over the Lions
Mild upset #1

49ers^ over the Seahawks
Mile upset #2. Okay this is one opposite pick I kept in. Everything points to this win for Seattle. It's killing me to do this but I have to make one completely crazy pick this week. Some would say the Cardinal pick is crazy too but we are talking about the Detroit Lions.

Colts over the Cowboys^
Should be a good game.

Chargers over the Broncos^
It's time for the Chargers to assert some division supremacy.

Jaguars^over the Giants
The roller coaster ride continues

Last week: 9-7 (56%)

Overall: 92-51 (64%)

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