Saturday, November 11, 2006

NFL Picks: Week 10

It's been ugly here for a couple of weeks now in terms of prognostication. So why am I going with mostly favorites again when I keep getting burned by underdogs? Because I'm stupid. Haven't we already established that?

home team=^

Patriots^ over the Jets
New England just doesn't lose two in a row. Or at least they haven't for about 4 years. Plus they own the Jets.

Eagles^ over the Redskins
The Eagles keep disappointing me when I pick them to win. This is the week for them to suck up to me. Suck up but not suck. See the difference?

Falcons^ over the Browns
They're home and they've got a bad team coming to town. If they can't beat the Browns then they're in real trouble.

Chiefs over the Dolphins^
If Miami can beat the Bears they should be able to beat the Chiefs. But consistency hasn't exactly been a strength for Nick Saban's team.

Vikings^ over the Packers
Toss up game. Both quarterbacks have looked alternatively good and bad all season.

Lions^ over the 49ers
Detroit seems to have found their offense. Despite a stellar performance last week I'm pretty sure the 49ers haven't found their defense yet.

Colts^ over the Bills
This would be one of those games they call a "trap" ( I think I'm starting to hate that term). But I don't think Manning overlooks anybody. He's a football geek and reminds me of those nerds in class that want to study 5 hours for a quiz that the teacher already gave away half the answers to.

Ravens over the Titans^
I lived in Baltimore for a year so you'd think I would have developed some sort of affinity for the team. But I really don't like the Ravens and I'm not sure why. Could be because their offensive imagination for years has bordered on the Elmer Fudd level. Could be I just don't like head coach Brian Billick. Come to think of it, it's probably a bit of both. By the way their defense will score again this week and the Titans come up short.

Jaguars^ over the Texans
If the past couple of weeks are any indication , a team like the Texans should beat a decent team like the Jags. I mean they're are bound to be some surprises this week. Why not this one? Maybe because Leftwich isn't playing.

Bengals^ over the Chargers
Palmer will get heat again even with an injury plagued Charger defense. Still I've got to be right at some point when I pick Cincy. This is the week......Maybe.

Broncos over the Raiders^
Just not the rivalry it used to be. I'm pretty sure Shanahan thinks Al Davis is dead.

Cowboys over the Cardinals^
I'm glad Romo took over for Bledsoe. It cut down the T.O. coverage for a week or two to the point that when the Cowboys were discussed, Owens only came up 9 out of 10 times.

Seahawks^ over the Rams
I should be picking the Rams to win this. Hasslebeck's out, Alexander's out and Bulger is playing fantastic. Unfortunately the Ram defense is unfantasticismo.

Steelers^ over the Saints
Pittsburgh is another team I keep picking to win and they keep giving me the middle finger. I guess I'm just a glutton for punishment.

Bears over the Giants^
It's a rebound week for Grossman and the Bear defense. Plus the Giants haven't looked good for a couple of weeks now.

Panthers^ over the Bucs
Steve Smith runs wild.

Last week: 5-9 (36%)

Overall: 83-44 (65%)

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