Tuesday, March 14, 2006

"Starbury" and the "Big Dance"

A couple of thoughts today:

First, what would we do without NBA players like Stephon "Starbury". I love guys like this. They continue to help idiots like myself feel less idiotic. The self proclaimed "best point guard in the league hands down" feels he has attempted to pass the ball enough this season and will now get back to what he does best. Shooting every time he comes down the floor.
In case you missed his quote here it is in all it's glory:
"I went into this year trying to do something, to put myself in a situation where we can win, OK?" To help the team win games. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. So, what do I do now, as far as the way I play? I go back to playing like Stephon Marbury, aka Starbury. I haven't been Starbury this year. I've been some other dude this year."

So what's funnier, the fact that he calls himself "Starbury", or that he actually feels like the last few years he has helped his team win games and been the best point guard in the league? I guess that would be why he has already been traded 3 times. He's in huge demand.

Other thoughts today involve the NCAA tournament.

I'm pleasantly surprised with my alma mater Utah State making the field. It was unexpected considering how many times they have been hosed in the past. They had no reason to believe this year was any different. I guess the game against Nevada in the WAC tourney final helped. They should have won but a blown layup with no time left forced the game into overtime where Nevada pulled out a squeaker. I think they'll get beat by Washington this week but you never know. After all the Aggies are a 12 seed and 12 seeds have had some success in the first round historically.

Some may have gripes (or just get purple and nearly pop a blood vessel like Billy Packer) over the fact that some mid-majors like Utah St. and Air Force made the field when Florida St. and Cincinnati didn't get in. No sympathy from me. Mid-majors consistently get screwed in the selection process (Two years ago Utah St. was ranked in the top 25 for the last month of the season, was 17-1 in league play, won 25 games and still didn't get in) so I could care less if some mediocre ACC or Big East team doesn't get in.

As far as seeding goes, I thought like everyone else that Tennessee got a gift with a 2 seed. Maybe they prove the naysayers wrong in the tourney but it doesn't change the fact that this was one of the worst high seed decisions ever.

I'm picking Memphis and Connecticut to make it to the finals with Memphis cutting down the nets.

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