Friday, March 10, 2006

Memory Wipe In Process

The NCAA has some real geniuses at work. You know that right? This is the organzation that brings us the BCS after all. I'm continually amazed by some of their punitive sanctions as well. Sometimes NCAA justice is more comedic than a Dave Chapelle appearance. You may know that Ohio State basketball has now been placed on 3 years probation for using an ineligible player under coach Jim O' Brien from 1999-2002. Penalties include having to payback tournament revenues from that time period. Fair enough. I don't see the problem with that. Where it gets a little weird and really ridiculous is when they take away wins from seasons that have already been played. They are even being forced to forfeit their 1999 Final Four appearance and take down the Final Four banner in their own arena. It never happened. Seriously. Wipe it from your memory. Actually, Michael Redd might want to forget this photo of him and Scoonie Penn ever occured. Thanks to the NCAA he is assured that it didn't. Additionally, if you happen to own any memorabilia concerning this event, which was not real, some nice gentlemen in shades and suits will be arriving shortly to dispose of it properly. You've been warned.

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