Tuesday, March 28, 2006

More NFL Musical Chairs

This isn't NFL related but I have to mention that with my mid-major leanings I of course loved the George Mason upset. I'll say it again because it just feels so good. Screw you Billy Packer.

Anyway, back to NFL offseason happenings:

---How about that Aaron Brooks signing huh? The Raiders replaced one inconsistent-I want to throw up-after watching that pass- QB with a slightly more maddening, inconsistent-I want to crap my pants after watching that pass- QB. This is thrilling for Raider fans I'm sure. The Hater Nation does a good job of explaining the salivating excitement out there among the silver and black concerning this move.(& March 27th post)

Anyway, some are saying that this is a band-aid that will hold while they draft a QB and groom him. Maybe Young or Cutler if they are still available. Then again, who the hell knows with the Raiders. I know it's Al Davis but they can't be serious about Brooks as their future can they?

----I think Dante "I don't do lap dances, just dice" Culpepper is definitely an upgrade for the Dolphins. I know Brees was their first choice (for the right price) but Culpepper has got to inspire more confidence than what has been passing for QB play in Miami the last couple of years.

---Terrell Owens to Dallas. This is superb. I was getting lukewarm on my anti-Cowboy stance the past few years. Besides disliking Parcells (but really, who doesn't?) and being turned off by the obnoxious Jerry Jones, I haven't been able to entirely shake some of my gradeschool days affection when I worshipped Tony Dorsett. The past few years I have rooted for them to lose, but outright hatred was reserved for the Patriots. Aside from Jerry Jones' creepifying and possibly illegal move toward looking like my grandmother, I was finding it hard to direct a significant amount of negative karma their way. Problem solved. Now I've just got to locate my T.O. voodoo doll for a uniform change.

---In other prima-donna news, Keyshawn Johnson is a Panther now. Not a bad move but I think they are paying too much for him. But if Johnson is serious about fitting in, it might pay off.

---I also like Cleveland's signing of ex-Pat linebacker Willie McGinest. Nice addition to their defense.

---Speaking of ex-Patriots......just a great move by New England to let Adam Vinatieri go. Kudos. He has caused me and numerous others much grief over the past few years. Maybe he can help Manning understand that "clutch" doesn't mean that thingy next to the gas pedal. Then again maybe the Pats know know something we don't, as ESPN's Bill Simmons seems to think. Could it be that this dog has had his day? I mean he did blow a kick in the playoffs against the Broncos so apparently he misses occasionally in big games. Still I can't help myself, I'm giddy. Brady can still get them into field goal range like nobody else, but unless the next guy can kick in 4 feet of snow then I will rest easier. Somehow I don't think that will be the case for Pats fans. Mike D over at SportsBlah.com (Wed Mar 22nd) has a good post on a Patriot fan's dilemma of keeping faith in Belichick versus the unease at losing someone who has meant so much to New England.

-Also some say Edgerrin James will do fine in Arizona, while others think the O-line there will mean his stats will diminish dramatically. I think it will be somewhere in the middle. How's that for waffling? I think he will have about 1100 yards but his yard per carry average will be in the 3.8-4.1 range. He better get used to quicker snap counts as well. Warner is not quite the Ritalin candidate that Payton is.

---Ahhhhhh. The smell of NFL Europe League is in the air. Intoxicating isn't it? I was watching Dallas backup QB Drew Henson direct the offense for the Rhein Fire the other day, and I got to wondering what happens if he ultimately flames out of the NFL? My take is that at least he'll be rich and he can claim he fleeced both the Yankees and the Cowboys. That's a legacy I could live with.

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