Monday, March 20, 2006

Mid-Major Advocate

I was actually pretty annoyed with the tournament this weekend. The games I wanted to watch were not shown and the ones I cared about as much as I do a rectal exam were CBS's games of choice in my area. I'm looking forward to this tourney whittling down just for the fact that if there is a game I want to watch, I can.

-Teams that I picked that are still in the Sweet 16:
Duke, LSU, West Virginia, Texas, Memphis, Gonzaga, UCLA, Connecticut, Villanova, Boston College, Florida & Georgetown. Most of those were pretty easy to pick and most of you probably have the same teams in. Georgetown was a bit of surprise for me but I picked them based soley on my Hoya obsession when I was in 9th grade. Sometimes those 14-year old loyalties work out I guess. 12 out of 16 is not too bad but I didn't see Bradley, George Mason, Washington, & Wichita St. standing after the weekend was done. Still, I see this as Mid-Major validation. This has been happening the last few years and still Billy Packer and Nantz cry like my 3 year old when they feel too many of these "unworthy" teams get in. Well screw you Packer and Nantz. Yes, sometimes the best as well as the 2nd, 3rd, and even the 4th best teams in a Mid-Major conference are better than the bottom feeders of the major conferences. Hell, occasionally they are better than some of the top teams. Deal with it dumbasses.

My Utah State Ags didn't come through but George Mason beating North Carolina was one of the finer moments in the tournament. The Final Four still belongs to the Big Guys but on this first weekend it's all about upsets.

-Also, as you can tell I'm not the critic of the tournament committee that some were after the field was announced but what the hell were they thinking giving Tennessee a 2 seed. That was the easiest upset to call in the whole tourney so far. I'm confused as to how they got this ranking. They ended their regular season by blowing serveral games. They got ousted in their own conference tournament early, had a worse record than several teams with better resume's and they still managed to get the 2 seed. Huh?

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