Monday, February 27, 2006

NFL Combine

I understand the need for the NFL combine. I really do. It really helps some guys showcase their skills. What I don't understand is how Superstars in college are suddenly passed up by guys you have barely heard of during the college season based on the combine. This year's hot stuff is Vanderbilt QB Jay Cutler. He's big, strong armed, and I guess has decent quickness and speed. So naturally he's a cut above college superman Vince Young and possibly Matt Leinart. Young's decision to not workout at the combine, along with his throwing motion and wonderlic test results (even if it's a 16 it's not fabulous) have given teams cause for concern. As far as not working out, can you blame him? I mean the guys at the combine will pick that throwing motion apart. At the combine they are looking for specific things and if you don't fit into the mold it will work against you. Vince's speed, athleticism and arm strength would score high but I guarantee you his throwing motion would be mercilessly picked on. Now maybe his throwing motion will really screw him up in the pros. I don't know. Brett Favre wasn't the model of quarterback mechanics either and he did all right. On the other hand Jay Cutler seemingly has it all. So did Jeff George if you remember. He was a NFL combine god and got a # 1 pick based on what he did there. So how did that work out for you Indianapolis?

I just think past performance on the field ought to rate a tad bit higher than a few days hanging out in gym shorts and running drills. That's just me.

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