Sunday, February 05, 2006

SuperBowl Thoughts

  • This game wasn't awful but it wasn't a good one either. The sad part was that it had potential. Take away 3 very crappy calls that went against the Seahawks (iffy offensive pass inteference that wiped a touchdown out, Roethlisberger TD dive that wasn't a TD, and a very ticky-tack holding call that wiped out a Seattle spot on the 1 yard line) and maybe we've got ourselves a game.

  • thought the Willie Parker TD run and the Randle El TD throw were pretty cool. I was hoping Parker would outplay the Bus. He didn't do much else but that run was a killer to start the 2nd half.

  • Seattle needs to work on clock management. It seems like this is an epidemic in the NFL the last couple of seasons. There are lots of head coaches and quarterbacks who don't know what the word "urgent" means. If they throw in a nice per-diem I wouldn't mind teaching a class on this for teams.

  • The NFC's #1 seed just lost to the AFC's # 6 seed and nobody is surprised. It actually would have been an upset if it had been the other way around. Clearly the NFC has some serious work to do. Go Rams.

  • One thing I know is that in three years if you ask me to name the 2006 SuperBowl champion it might take me a couple of minutes to remember.

  • For two million buck commercials they kinda sucked didn't they? Budweiser is just trying too hard for laughs. The two best ones were the Ameriquest commercials. Both involved classic facial expressions from a mother and daughter. I loved the baloon release by the little girl when she thinks her dad is dead. The reaction of the guy who finds the chick on his lap in the airplane made me grin as well.

  • I realized I misread the Snowman omen that I mentioned yesterday. I just went out and took a look at the kids Snowman. It doesn't resemble a bird today. I was a day early. It had some more melting to do. It now looks exactly like one of Bill Cowher's daughters. Damn.

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