Monday, January 23, 2006

Woops, was I drooling? NFL Conference Championship Thoughts:

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz........huh?...did somebody say something? Oh that's right, there were a couple of championship football games yesterday. I almost forgot about that. So did sports highlight shows if last night was any indication (Kobe Bryant led off most newscasts. The NBA upstaged the NFL on championship weekend. Ouch!). Just let me get a dry pillow case and we'll begin.

I in fact did fall asleep during the Bronco/Steeler game but I had the tivo going so I backed it up to see what I missed. What a waste of time. Now if you're a Steeler fan I'm sure it was very exciting, but if you don't give a damn who wins then you have to hope for a good game. It wasn't one. Jake Plummer will be made the goat for the turnovers but the Steeler defense hassled him all day just like they did with Manning and the Bronco running game sure wasn't tearing it up. Roethlisberger on the other hand had all day to throw and amazingly for the second game in a row he did. Now just because I thought the game was boring, that doesn't mean I wasn't impressed with the Steelers. Since when did the Steeler offense turn into the good version of the St. Louis Rams? Why haven't these guys been throwing all season? Maybe they wouldn't have had to claw their way into the playoffs if they had been tossing it like this. Or are they successful because it goes so against the Steeler philosophy that defenses just aren't ready for it? Maybe if they had been throwing it like this during the regular season it wouldn't work now. Roethlisberger looked 10 times better than he did a month ago. I guess those knees are better now. At any rate, I'm glad to see the Steelers come over from the dark side (run-oriented offense) even if it's only for a short time. The bad thing about the Steelers being in the Superbowl? The continuation of the Jerome Bettis media love-fest (it's going to be 100 times worse in the next two weeks). Now Jerome is a nice guy but if he was a chick and the media was the adoring boyfriend then Mr. Bettis would be pregnant right now.

Another snoozer. Another game where one quarterback looks great and another looks terrible. Hasselbeck continues to impress. About mid-season I said that if the Seahawks were to go anywhere in the playoffs, Hasselbeck would have to be the one to make it happen. And he has. Alexander is a nice option for them but he's not the driving force in their offense this postseason. It's Hasselbeck. The bald dude is tearing it up.
Similar to the AFC game, this game had one quarterback getting chased constantly. The Seahawk defense though differs from the Steeler D in that it is vastly underrated. These guys are good. You wonder why the Bears couldn't figure out what the Seahawks did. Namely, stop Steve Smith and you stop the Panthers. By the way Smith has got to work on that pouty face he was displaying at the end of the game. It's identical to my 4 year old's.
I congratulate Seahawk fans everywhere. It's hard not to feel good for a franchise that has been so snakebitten in the past. Hard but not impossible. I mean I'm a Ram fan so let's not get carried away here.


Cutthroat Pirates said...

I agree with you Armchair, I too was not really into the Championship games. However, I think the Steelers look really good and I also think Hasselbeck is the man and I hope the Seahawks win.

Kobe really had what 71 points or something like that WOW? Anyway I think the Super Bowl will be really good this year better then this past week.

twins15 said...

Yeah, I had trouble watching these games. If I hadn't had a bigger interest in the game as a Denver hater, that game would have been even harder to watch. Hopefully the Super Bowl is better!

benny said...

Yes the games were a snooze fest. I even had money on both the Steelers and Seahawks and that wasn't even in question.

But if I had money on the other two teams, I think I would have broken a TV by the way they were playing.

Well foruntately it looks like we have the two best teams in football. So I do hope the Super Bowl is a nail biter.