Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Crazy keeps it interesting

I was reading about Ron Artest today and got to thinking that we really shouldn't be surprised with athletes who are a bit bonkers. I mean they are just a segment of a greater population and that population has plenty of insane people. What's surprising is that we don't see more guys in sports that pop crazy pills daily. Think about your workplace or your family. Don't most of you know at least one person you're related to or work with that would have been burned at the stake in medeivel times? I've got a lady just down the hall from my office that has 15 staff members under her and a whole lot of degrees on her walls. Yet the more contact with her that I have, the more convinced I become that one day I'm going to come to work and find out that she has dug a pit in her office, placed all her underlings in it and is sending down bottles of lotion in baskets for them to lather up with. Needless to say, I try to avoid eye contact with her as much as possible.

Anyway, my point is that crazy people aren't that unusual. What's unusual is that we can't recognize it quicker and get these people the hell away from us. If I had any power over the crazy chick at work she'd be gonzo in a heartbeat. I guess that's where the Pacers are finally at now. It might be too late though. If this Kings deal falls through what then? At what point do teams not offer anything for Artest but instead demand things in return for taking him. I could even see the Clippers organization(who haven't always been sane themselves) telling the Pacers, "Um, yeah we'll take him, but we're going to need Jermaine O'Neal also and all the autographed basketballs of Larry Bird you can get us".

With the Artest trade going down officially now, it's fair to assume crazy + talent=calculated risk. The downside with my situation is that the psycho lady down the hall has a lousy jumpshot.

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buster said...

Who is ron Artest. Maven my brother and me are doing some stuff on my web site come chek it out.