Saturday, January 21, 2006

Is he gone? Can I come out now?

A little comment on the Rams coaching situation.
The new Ram coach is Scott Linehan and I'll admit I know very little about him. I know he had some success with the Vikings as an offensive coach and did some good things with the Dolphins this year. What will he bring to St. Louis? Hopefully some common sense sometimes.
As a Ram fan, Mike Martz drove me crazy. I appreciated his commitment to the passing game which I am a fan of. Yet I also realize you have to protect your QB and pay attention to some aspects of the game and your team that don't involve your offense. Martz couldn't do that. Plus as far as physical appearance and mannerisms goes, Martz ranks just a hair below Bill Belichick on the creepy scale. He's got a different look and style than Belichick but still this is not a guy I'm letting near the kids soccer field on Saturdays.
Anyway, I hope Linehan turns out to be a real genius. I've had enough of the counterfeit version.


The Phoenix said...

You know score really high in the "creepy looking" scale? Rams President John Shaw. He looks like a molester.

twins15 said...

As a Vikings fan, Mike Martz was one of the two coaches (along with Him Haslett) I thought was actually worse than Mike Tice. So you got that going for you!

Tony said...

Martz would make a good offensive coord. Head Coach....ew!

Ian C. said...

I'm looking forward to seeing what Linehan does in St. Louis, too. And I'm surprised there wasn't more interest in him from other teams.

I think a lot of fans in Detroit would love to see Martz take over as offensive coordinator. I wonder if those same people noticed that Marinelli said he wanted to run the football - "with power." Does that, in any way, describe Martz's offense? And if we thought Joey Harrington got beaten up before, what would happen in Martz's minimum protection system? Oh, it'd be ugly.