Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I'm trying to care about the rest of the playoffs. I really am.

Some thoughts on the upcoming games and a few afterthoughts on last weekend's games:

The Steelers/Colts game has to be on of the most fascinating postseason games I've ever seen. There were so many "what the hell?" moments that after a few days I'm still pondering them. Two obvious ones:

  1. I know it's been asked a million times and the only thing left on this beaten horse is the hoofs but what was Pete Morelli thinking when he reversed the Polamalu interception? I don't buy the conspiracy talk. It was just one of the worst calls in NFL history. Kind of like my decision to eat that piece of pizza I had been saving in the fridge since before Christmas. No thought towards the consequences. Morrelli's call has to rank right up there with Nick and Jessica's brain fart on ending a cash cow marriage. Even die hard Colt fans have to be asking, "What the hell?"
  2. Why does Nick Harper cut back instead of running towards the right sideline after picking up the Bettis fumble? There is no way Roethlisberger has the speed to cut him off if he doesn't cut right back into him. This has to be one of the worst running decisions ever. I've watched the replay serveral times. The lane was wide open if he just veers to the right. Say it with me, ---"what the hell?"

Morelli is taking a lot of heat for his Polamalu call. I can't imagine what it would be like if Harper runs that Bettis fumble back and the Colt's win. Does he ever work another NFL game in that case? Wouldn't his life be in danger? I saw the report about a brick being thrown through his window. That's with the Steelers winning.

Well enough about the past, how about this week's games? Both games seem very evenly matched which means they should be pretty closely contested right? Which means they'll probably be blowouts.

  • Can the Jake Plummer continue to defy expectations? He hasn't been god-like this year or anything but he has been efficient and effective and those aren't words I would have put with Jake Plummer before this season. It would be kind of like calling Paris Hilton modest and studious after seeing her next year at UCLA going for her bachelors degree while wearing turtlenecks and knee length skirts. Even after seeing it with your own eyes it would still be hard to shake the image of her in the Carl's Jr semi-porn commercial wouldn't it? Anyway, I think the Steelers will shut down the Broncos running game and Jake will have to make some plays. Interceptions are going to be a key to this game. Roethlisberger shocked the hell out of me with his first half play last week and if he can do it again the Broncos are in trouble. ------I was wrong on 3 out of 4 games last week so who should I jinx this week? I'll take the Broncos by 3.

  • The Panthers have to head into rainy Seattle this week and that should be an edge for the Seahawks. As a Ram fan I should hate Seattle and wish them ill this weekend. I don't. They just haven't been in the NFC long enough and rivalries take some time. Plus they haven't really done anything to earn my dislike yet. For example the Ram SuperBowl loss to the Patriots solidified my Patriot hate for several decades. Before this year it was the Rams who were providing the crushing losses to the Seahwaks. If I was a Seahawk fan I would hate the Rams. This year's Ram losses to the Seahawks really weren't that dishearting because St. Louis wasn't going anywhere anyway. As such, I wouldn't really have heartburn if the Seahawks go the Superbowl. Especially if doing so causes overconfidence next season and major contract issues that hurt their chances to win the division in the future (woops--that sounds like I could be developing some potential Seahawk dislike. Let it simmer for another season and we'll see how it goes).-----I'll pick the Panthers by a touchdown.


Cutthroat Pirates said...

I agree it is tough to get excited about the playoff, but I think I want Seattle from NFC and I don't really care about which AFC team wins. What the heck Denver because of John Lynch.

buster said...

It's not that I don't like your site but I just have not had time to post. Any ways i like your post.

rstiles said...

StilesPoints - I would like to see Cowher get a ring...but somehow the Broncos seem to win close games at home