Saturday, January 10, 2009

NFL Playoff Picks: Round 2

I didn't get around to posting my first round picks due to my work computer getting a virus and my home computer getting fried from an electrical shock. It was like a perfect storm of events that had me thinking I was in the twilight zone. Anway, my picks that I didn't poste were thus:
San Diego over Indy (I always go for the Chargers against Manning)
Miami over Baltimore--I should have gone with my instints about Pennington against Ed Reed and the Ravens defense
Atlanta over Arizona (I know Ryan is a rookie and the Cardinals were at home but I really didn't think the "redbirds" had it in them).
Philly over Minnesota

Playoff picks:

This week I think that:
Tennesee will beatBaltimore --I like the Ravens defense but the Titans defense has had its moments as well this season. Also, I trust Kerry Collins over Joe Flacco (and me using trust and Kerry Collins in the same word is something I've had to work on).

Carolina will beat Arizona -- I don't think the Panthers are legitimate Super Bowl title contenders though. Then again, I thought that about the Giants last year.

NY will beat Philadelphia
I know they just lost to these guys but I don't think it will happen again.

Pittsburgh over San Diego
It's hard for me to think that an 8-8 team (no matter how hot they are know) can make it to the conference championship game. Maybe I'm wrong but I think the Steelers will buckle down and take these guys out in a close game.

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