Thursday, September 21, 2006

NFL Thoughts: Week 2 in the NFC

I thought Grossman had a chance to be good last year. Then came the preseason and I wasn't so sure. But if he can play like he has been for the first two games then the Bears officially become the bad asses of the NFC. Their defense was already at that stage but their offense was sorta like the little wimpy brother that tells bullies he'll sick his tough older brother (Urlacher and Co.) on them. While being scared of the older brother everybody pretty much still taped the younger sibling to the goal post. Well now the little brother is taking names along with a stick to the side of some heads. It's nice to see. Keep it up Rex. I like Griese but I'm sure the Bears hope he never sees the field this year.

It's weird, I was watching this and in the first half I thought "wow Brees isn't playing to well". He wasn't very aware in the pocket with seemingly everybody stripping the ball from him. Then he and the Saints pick things up and before you know it he has 353 yards passing. Not a bad day's work. Bush still hasn't busted lose but he's been a solid receiving option. Packer fans brace yourself for a long year.

If the Rams lose again to San Fran I may just have to stick my head in an oven and set it to broil. These losses are driving me nuts. I'm losing faith in Bulger. He's basically Drew Bledsoe at this point. I get that he's immobile and slow. But does he have to quit on the play every time the pressure amps up? That's what getting killed in Mike Martz's system did to him I guess. I've got to go throw up.

The neon green boys are just getting warmed up. They haven't looked especially good yet but I think it's coming. On the flip side, the Cardinals are failing to live up to the hype. Again.

Brad Johnson has never gotten enough credit for being a decent QB. Even by me. No he's not great, but with a decent team around him he can be a winner. Chester Taylor is surprising me and the defense has been good. I still think the Minnesota is going to come back down to earth and I think it will be this coming week against the Bears. But they played Carolina tough and despite their rough start I think the Panthers are still a good team (just not a playoff team this year) But can't the Panthers do anything on offense without Steve Smith?

Manning gets too much hype and credit due to his name. Burress and Toomer bail him out plenty. What happened to the Eagles offense in the second half of this game? It was like they quit playing.

Looks like my preseason pick for the Bucs to take this division is really working out well. Simms can't seem to get a pass over the arms of a defender and their defense has some issues with the running game. Or is the Falcons running game just that good? Obviously Dunn is great in their system and I like the option stuff they are doing with Vick. Why not use that to their advantage? Sometimes NFL coaches get it in their head that certain college style elements will never work. And sometimes they just don't give it chance to work. Give Mora the brass nuts award for going against the grain. Of course you wouldn't try it unless you had a guy like Vick. But they do, so they ought to use him accordingly.

No T.O for a few weeks. Fine by me. Glenn's their best receiver anyway right now. He and Bledsoe are really in sync. And like I've said, I think this Dallas defense is pretty good. Brunnell is proving so far that last season was a fluke and the washed up tag might stick. They need Portis bad.

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