Friday, September 22, 2006

NFL Picks: Week 3

Here's my picks for this week. I don't pick the spread because: 1. I have no money to gamble with and 2. I'm not smart enough.


Bears over the Vikings
With Chicago being nasty on both sides of the ball I'd be crazy to pick against them.

Panthers over the Bucs
Both have been less than impressive. In a low scoring affair Carolina will squeak one out.

Packers over the Lions
I don't have a good reason for picking the Packers. But could you really make a strong case for the Lions either?

Redskins over the Texans
I should pick the Texans against an underachieving Skins team. Especially at home. But I won't.

Rams over the Cardinals
The offense will finally start to come together (I hope) and although the game will be high scoring, the Rams will outlast Arizona.

Eagles over the 49ers
Philly is still pissed over last week.

Falcons over the Saints
A good defense and a running game will mean Brees and Bush don't see the field that often.

Seattle over the Giants
I wouldn't be surprised if NY pulls this one out.. Having said that I just don't see them getting lucky two weeks in a row against a tough road opponent.


Patriots over the Broncos
Facing New England is not the remedy for Jake Plummer. Brady will show him how it's done.

Ravens over the Browns
Baltimore's defense will cream Charlie Frye.

Dolphins over the Titans
Culpepper can't look as bad against the Titans as he has the first two weeks....can he?

Colts over the Jaguars
I just don't think the Jags can score enough points to win this game.

Bengals over the Steelers
Cincinnati won't score as much as they're used to but they'll still pull out a win.

Bills over the Jets
The D is back in Buffalo and it will make Pennington's life hell on Sunday.

Last Week: 12-4

Season: 23-9

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