Thursday, September 14, 2006

NFL Picks: Week 2

I didn't do this last year but I think for this season I'll post my pre-game picks. It's an invitation for public ridicule to be sure, but a little humiliation never hurt anyone. I missed posting my picks last week due to a business trip. The picks I got wrong ( made in my head but never made it to the blog) were Miami, Carolina, Washington, Tennessee, & Dallas. Sure you don't know if I'm lying or not but it's my blog so I'm posting the results in my record for the season anyway. I picked the obvious ones that most everyone else did based on their opponent in the first week. Indy, New England, Philly, Seattle, Cincinnati, Chicago, Arizona, and San Diego just weren't brain stumpers. The other games like Baltimore, St. Louis, New Orleans, were more of a crap shoot but I guessed right.

Season record: 11-5

So onto Week 2:

Panthers over the Vikings
a tough win on the road will have everyone hopping back on the bandwagon.

Dolphins over the Bills
Miami pulls it together for an entire game this time .

Giants over the Eagles
It won't be pretty but the Giants get a must win with Seattle looming next week

Saints over the Packers
Bush will give us a spectacular play and Favre will be frustrated again.

Colts over the Texans

Chicago over Detroit
Detroit's defense looked great last week. But Chicago's D is still better.

Cincinnati over Cleveland
The battle for orange supremacy goes to the Tiger stripes.

Bucs over the Falcons
I'm going to go with the rebound game here for Gruden's crew.

Ravens over the Raiders
This has blowout written all over it

Seahawks over the Cardinals
After last week's performances by both teams I'm tempted to take the redbirds. But I won't.

Rams over the 49ers
This week we'll actually see a TD by the Rams.

Chargers over the Titans
Maybe this week Marty will take the training wheels off Rivers.

Patriots over the Jets
Last week was nice. But Brady shreds the Jets this week.

Broncos over the Chiefs
Plummer rebounds and silences the cries for Cutler for at least a week.

Cowboys over the Redskins
I 've got to take the Cowboys at home especially if Portis is not playing or not 100%. Then again the Skins pulled the upset at Dallas last year.

Jaguars over the Steelers
The Jags are home and win in a squeaker.

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