Wednesday, September 27, 2006

NFL Picks: Week 4

I'm looking forward to several games this week probably highlighted by the Bears/Seahawks and Bengals Patriots. Plus Mike Martz and the Lions visit my Rams. I wonder if he will forget what team he works for now and try and call a timeout for Bulger. It's not as far-fetched as you might think. The man just can't help himself.

Colts over the Jets
The Jets haven't looked too bad, but Pennington isn't Manning.

Panthers over the Saints
The emotion has worn off and they are on the road against a tough defense.

Bills over the Vikings
I really don't know how good either of these teams are. I'm picking the Bills at home.

Falcons over the Cardinals
The Falcons are angry and they'll take it out on Warner in the first half and Leinart in the second half.

Chargers over the Ravens
Two tough defenses, a wiley old veteran QB, an inexperienced young QB, and two coaches that often do stupid things. Rivers has looked solid so far but he has yet to face someone like Ray Lewis. So why the Chargers? I'm taking a leap of faith with Rivers. I like his arm and poise so far.

Dolphins over the Texans
With the way Miami has played so far you might think this would be a possible win at home for Houston. Or not.

49ers over the Chiefs
How much will K.C. miss Green and how many yards will Larry Johnson rack up against San Fran? I'm not sure but I like the progress Alex Smith has made and Frank Gore just might pick up a few yards himself.

Cowboys over the Titans
T.O. and controversy? Shocker. Dallas still has more weapons and a defense that will eat Collins alive.

Rams over the Lions
The Rams are at home and if they lose to the Lions and Mike Martz I just might be on suicide watch myself.

Jaguars over the Redskins
I've seen more good things from Jacksonville than I have Washington.

Browns over the Raiders
Just what the doctor ordered for the Dog Pound.

Bengals over the Patriots
It's crazy to underestimate Brady's ability to bounce back from a bad game. But the striped kitty cats look pretty good.

Bears over the Seahawks
Was last week's points and yardage explosion an indication that Seattle has finally gotten on track offensively? I'm not sure playing against the Bears D will help answer that. I do believe Hasselbeck is capable of carrying this team.....just not this week.

Eagles over the Packers
Favre and Monday night is a dangerous combo but the Eagles have a better team and it looks like McNabb is on a mission this year.

Last Week 11-3

Season 34-12

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