Thursday, December 20, 2012

NFL Picks: Week 16

Falcons over the Lions
It's hard to pick Detroit these days as they finish up an absolute trainwreck of a season. Way too much talent for the results they've put up. They've been undisciplined and unorganized and that's amcoaching issue as much as it is the player's fault. Silver lining in Calvin Johnson who may not be the TD machine he was last year but he's still the best receiver in the league. He might break Jerry Rice's total receiving yardage record, and even in the pass happy NFL of today that's a fantastic accomplishment.

Cowboys over the Saints
The Saints are playing for pride now and won't lay down for anyone, But the Cowboys are still in the playoff hunt and that may give them the edge.

Packers over the Titans
I love Randall Cobb's moves and James Jones' hands. They've played well enough that injuries to Jordy Nelson and Greg Jennings haven't been as as painful as expected (at least to the team...because I'm sure the actual injuries sucked pretty bad for the players). If they can get all of these guys going at the same time they could be unstoppable.

Colts over the Chiefs
Good test for Indy. Need to beat these types of teams. Handily.

Dolphins over the Bills
Middle of the road teams like this year after year in the AFC East are one of the reasons why the Patriots have no competition for the Division title....ever. The other reason would be Tom Brady.

Chargers over the Jets
If the Chargers can't beat the Jets with NY playing their 3rd string QB then they are truly hopeless.  On second thought though, this 3rd stringer could easily have been the 1st team QB all year long. And who am I kidding, the Chargers, win or lose this week are definitely hopeless.

Redskins over the Eagles
Very impressed with Alfred Morris this year. The Redskin rookie RB has been solid and at times very good. I also like the backup running back for the Eagles (Brown), who if he can hang onto the ball a little better, deserves some playing time even when McCoy gets back

Bengals over the Steelers
Never count out Pittsburgh---but the better looking team this year is certainly in Cincy.

Bucs over the Rams
Jeff Fisher has brought some respectability back to the Rams. The problems is he brought that to the Titans for years as well.... in mostly 8-8 and 9-7  type seasons. He had decent and almost never great teams. I'm not sold on the idea of him bring St. Louis back all the way but anything is an improvement of where they were..

Panthers over the Raiders
As goes Cam, so go the Panthers.

Patriots over the Jaguars
The only question is will the Pats score 40 in the first half or will it take 3 quarters to get there.

Texans over the Vikings
Very tough test for Adrian Peterson. He's facing a good defense and a team who has a guy that's pretty good at running back too. Still, although Arian Foster is no slouch, if he wants to see true greatness rarely seen at his position, he just needs to spot number 28 in purple. In my opinion he's the best to play the position since Emmit Smith and Barry Sanders hung up their cleats.

Broncos over the Browns
Even though Denver took out Baltimore last week pretty handily I'm still not sure how good they are. Their schedule has been light on quality opponents so the guesswork goes on.

Bears over the Cardinals
Finally a team to make the Bears look good. Too bad Dennis Green isn't around any more to let us know that the Bears are who we thought they were. ....Frauds.

Giants over the Ravens
I might be giving NY too much credit here.

Seahawks over the 49ers
Looks to be the best game of the day on paper.  Who knew Seattle would be this big of a threat in the West this year. During the offseason we had expectations that Matt Flynn would be running the offense but rookie Russell Wilson grabbed the job by the throat and has never let go. Doug Flutie is smiling somewhere on behalf of all sub-six footers.

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