Friday, December 14, 2012

NFL Picks: Week 15

Bengals over the Eagles '
Foles and Brown have shown some flashes of brilliance in their backup roles for Vick and McCoy but Cincy is definitely the more complete team. Philly is just auditioning players for next year at this point (I'm still shocked they let Babin go), but the Bengals have the capability to do damage in the playoffs if they can get in.

Giants over the Falcons
This may be knee jerk by me but after watching the Falcons the last six weeks I haven't been terribly impressed by this 11 win team. I'm not the only one either.

Rams over the Vikings
I would love to see Adrian Peterson get 2,000 yards.  He's grabbed back the title of best rusher in the game with a vengeance. The question is will their be any additional emphasis on stopping him by the Rams or future opponents? I can't imagine it would be much different than it's been all season, I mean it's not like you game plan around Christian Ponder. Peterson has been the focal point of defenses the entire season so maybe he's got chance  at 2K.

Dolphins over the Jags
Battle for Florida. Awesome.

Packers over the Bears
What's up with Chicago? Has it really been over a month ago when they were cracking on Tennessee (scoring 50 plus points) and we were declaring them a championship threat. Now? Not so much. Still, we've seen early December woes before from teams that went on runs as they neared the playoffs. The Steelers 2005 championship season would be an example. They lost in weeks 11-13 but then reeled off 4 straight. Could it happen for the Bears? Sure. Will it? I doubt it.

Browns over the Redskins
If Griffin plays will he be at his playmaking self? If he doesn't play can Cousins replicate his one play magic of last week? Perhaps I'm not giving the rest of the Skins enough credit here but the Browns are riding a 3 game winning streak and should not be taken lightly.

Ravens over the Broncos
This should be a good one. Manning has a lot of respect for Ed Reed and the Ravens defense (even if they are less potent than in previous years).

Texans over the Colts
Andrew Luck's interceptions are going to hurt them eventually. Maybe this week. The Texans are going to want to get some credibility back after last week's beatdown by the Pats.

Saints over the Bucs
I don't know how much gas the Saints have left in them this season. They are slightly off in every category of football and it's cost them too many games. Brees has pride though and even if he's had an off season maybe some of that pride will still rub off.

Lions over the Cardinals.
Speaking of pride, do the Cardinals have a shred of it left after the debacle against Seattle? I probably won't tune in live to find out.

Panthers over the Chargers
Good thing I've been starting Cam Newton in my fantasy league the past few weeks. His Superman crap was wearing thin while he was blowing chunks with his play, but he's found a phone booth somewhere and  found his cape.

Seahawks over the Bills
How about the play of that rookie on the Seahawks? Of course I'm talking about rookie linebacker Bobby Wagner out of Utah State. Doesn't get the publicity but he's been critical on that side of the ball.

Cowboys over the Steelers
I don't know how to read the Steelers. Their QB is coming off injury and they've looked flat on defense. Romo is a wildcard as usual so this game seems a toss up.

Raiders over the Chiefs
Imagine Jamaal Charles on a good team. He has a career 5.7 yard per carry average. Think about that.

Patriots over the 49ers
After a cupcake schedule to this point New England has finally hit some real meat. Their shelling of the Texans bodes well for them and ominous for the rest of us who would rather stick a fork in our eyes than see the Patriots go to the Super Bowl again. The 49ers may be the best in the NFC and this will be a good test for them prior to the playoff push.

Titans over the Jets
Monday night magic.

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