Saturday, December 01, 2012

NFL Picks: Week 13

Two things before the picks for Sunday:
1. The Chiefs player who took his girlfriend's life as well as his own--was a coward.  I realize that there are details to the story we don't know yet, however,  NFL players talk a lot about courage. Real bravery is working through problems instead of shooting through them.

2. I was determined not to watch the Alabama/Georgia game. So of course we went out to dinner as a family and tvs all over restaurant had it playing. We're in the West for hell's sake! Why is this place playing an  SEC title game? I could understand if USC, BYU, Oregon, or Boise State were playing, but Alabama? Please. It was a Mexican restaurant not a sports bar and grill. I was forced to choke on my enchilada as evil triumphed again. I will never root for a college team harder than I will for Notre Dame come January.

Falcons over the Saints
I thought Atlanta would win this but I didn't think the Saints would hand it to them like they did. A TD called back on a penalty. A TD pass dropped by a Saints receiver. Even with 5 picks this could have been a different game without those mistakes. The Falcons were talking trash after the previous game with the Saints. Now it's New Orlean's turn to complain that they just gifted a victory to Atlanta.

Jags over the Bills
Who cares?

Bears over the Seahawks
Injury bug hit Chicago the past few weeks but the hawks are less formidable when you get them outside of the Northwest.

49ers over the Rams
I'm feeling terrible for Alex Smith. And Harbough has not handled his QB situation with anything remotely resembling tact. But it's the right decision. If there is any chance that this could be a situation like Brady replacing Bledsoe in New England you have to take it. Smith has a ceiling and we have a pretty good idea of the parameters of that ceiling. It's ridiculous to say there is no way he could win the Superbowl, especially with how good the team is, but it does seem Kaepernick brings something to the table that you just have to try. It looks too good not to try. You just hope it goes down smooth and doesn't end up with an aftertaste.

Pats over the Dolphins
Have you looked at the Patriots scoring output this season? It's crazy good and reminds me of some previously good New England offensive teams. They're probably the best team in the AFC and maybe in the entire NFL. We won't know that for a bit though because they play the easiest damn schedule in the league (year after year) and their defense has been somewhat suspect.

Cardinals over the Jets
What happened to gregarious Rex? Ryan just isn't as fun when the Jets suck.

Lions over the Colts
Luck reminds me of Stafford in that sometimes the deep ball looks too enticing to both of them. This could be a good day for defensive backs. \

Packers over the Vikings
Green Bay needs to regroup after last week's drubbing. Watch out for Peterson though, the Packer defense gave up the farm last week in the run game.

Texans over the Titans
I'm tempted to go the other way on this just because Houston may overlook Tennessee. But no.

Panthers over the Chiefs
K.C. will still be in shock and it's not like they'll want to play for the memory of their teammate. Or at least they shouldn't. Dude's a murderer.

Broncos over the Bucs
Good test for Denver. Tampa is a plucky team. But Greg Shciano is still a douche.

Raiders over the Browns
I'd like to think that Cleveland could take Oakland, but the Raiders have enough talent to win this easily if they eliminate the mistakes.

Bengals over the Chargers.
Nor Turner. Dead man walking.

Ravens over the Steelers
Get well soon Ben.

Cowboys over the Eagles
Without McCoy or Vick I won't be watching.

Giants over the Reskins
To me this is the game of the week. I will be watching this one. Griffin vs. the Giant defensive line. It's go time baby!

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