Thursday, December 23, 2010

NFL Picks: Week 16

Steelers over the Panthers. In the NFL any team is capable of beating another. That's been proven over and over. However the Panthers are in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes for a reason.

Cowboys over the Cardinals. Cowboys still playing for Jason Garrett's job.

Patriots over the Bills.
I just read that Terrell Suggs of Baltimore didn't even put Tom Brady on his Pro Bowl balllot but instead had the Bill's Ryan Fitzpatrick on it as a QB. Suggs was doing it out of spite because of he and Brady's well publicized feud this year. Interesting though because Fitzpatrick gets to play against Brady this week and he'll get an up close and personal look at not just a Pro Bowl QB, but a Hall of Fame QB.

Bears over the Jets. Bears are having trouble getting respect despite a great record. This would be a quality win and would help people take them a little more seriously.

Ravens over the Browns. Not terribly interested in this game.

Chiefs over the Titans. I'm wondering if K.C. is feeling the heat. I hope not. I'd like to see them make the playoffs. They need to watch out for Tennessee because they can still be dangerous.

Rams over the 49ers. This game will be on local channels for me this week. It marks the first time I will actually get to watch my Rams this year. Being in the Rocky Mountain area I get a steady diet of Bronco football and a smattering of other popular or winning teams. But the Rams have been non-existent on tv for me the past few years. I actually was ok with that since St. Louis was pretty much unwatchable from 2006-2009. But this year had me yearning for the NFL Ticket package again. I'm on Dish Network so that's not really an option for awhile so I'll have to take advantage of this once-a- season opportunity to see Sam Bradford in action. Now watch a snowstorm roll in this weekend and knock out the power.

Dolphins over the Lions. My favorite receiver is back in the league. Kevin Curtis (from my alma mater of Utah State) has been signed by the Fins and I hope he can show he still has it. Dude had testicular cancer (ouch) and had surgery earlier this year for it. Too bad the Colts didn't sign him. Manning would find he's a lot like the recently reinjured Austin Collie. Great hands and fast. Best of luck Kevin.

Jags over the Redskins. The Skins are in chaos. Shocker. I root for the Colts in the AFC so I would like to see Washington get it together..... at least for this game.

Colts over the Raiders. The Raiders are easily capable of winning this game. They found some old Raider toughness this year. McFadden could run all over the Colts defense if he finds a few holes and the Colts are still without some needed weapons on offense. It's clear that Dallas Clark was the key receiver in that offense. Collie filled some of that void but his concussions have robbed Manning of critical guy. Reggie Wayne is still great but he's double teamed constantly and that slot/middle of the field stuff was Collie's domain. Notice how Austin Collie tore up the Jag's defense last week before he had another horrible concussion. I'm pretty depressed about that injury. Before Collie got hurt the first time this year he was one of the leading receivers in the league. Too bad the second half of the year has been snake bitten for him.

Texans over the Broncos. I'll admit it. I'm not a Tebow hater. I know some are but I like the guy. He plays hard and he seems like genuinely nice guy. I'd like to see him do well.

Chargers over the Bengals. Marvin Lewis needs to be fired this year. Palmer has been awful at QB and the Cincy defense hasn't really stepped up either but Lewis has had his shot and it seems clear he's not the guy to lead the Bengals back to contention.

Packers over the Giants. Do you realize that Eli Manning has thrown 20 interceptions this year? I know it's Christmas time and all but with the increase in brother Payton's picks the Manning family has been entirely too giving this season. Rodgers return should make the difference this week for the Green Bay.

Bucs over the Seahawks. Explain to me again why Pete Carroll went after Charlie Whitehurst as a QB this past offseason. I know Matt Hasselbeck has been washed up for years but that's not the answer. Seattle seems like they need a complete overhaul on offense.

Eagles over the Vikings. I've seen two games that made my jaw drop this year. Both involved Michael Vick. The Redskin game and last week's Giants games are keepers on my DVR.

Saints over the Falcons. This is the best game game on paper going into this week. Can the Saints regain some swagger and knock off the Falcons at home? I think they have the potential but they really need to start playing some better defense. Matt Ryan has been awesome at home and this is probably not smart on my part picking the Saints on the road in Atlanta.

Last Week: 9-7
Overall:120-85 (59%)

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