Wednesday, December 15, 2010

NFL Picks: Week 15

Chargers over the 49ers. I would say this is a lock but then again the Chargers did lose to the Raiders a couple of weeks ago. I know, I know, Oakland has improved this year but the Chargers are supposed to be good and they have a top 5 QB. They could finish the season out strong and if K.C. chokes the division away San Diego could be the team nobody wants to face in the playoffs.

Browns over the Bengals. What did the Browns pay Jake Delhomme this year? 8 Mil? Jake is laughing all the way to the bank. Looked stupid when they signed the deal and it looks even stupider now. Colt McCoy is perhaps not the long term answer at QB but has potential and that's something Cleveland needs.

Texans over the Titans. Chris Johnson meet Arian Foster again. The guy who might take your rushing title from you.

Ravens over the Saints. Some are asking what's wrong with the Ravens. They lost to Pittsburgh and had to struggle to beat the Texans. Nothing is wrong unless you mistakenly had the Ravens pegged as the best team in the AFC a month ago, as many did. They're a good team. They're just not a Super Bowl team yet. I hope the Saints can take this one but they are in Baltimore and that may just give the Ravens the edge they need this week.

Jags over the Colts . Nothing the Colts have done this season leads me to believe they can win out and take their division. Except they are the Colts and despite some playoff failures in the past decade they have managed to pull out some remarkable regular season victories. The Jags just look tougher though and I think they'll gash the Colts with their running game.

Cowboys over the Redskins. Grossman at QB. That's outstanding. Shannahan and son are brilliant. I know McNabb is washed up, but at least he was great once. Grossman came into the league washed up. It almost makes me want to root for the Cowboys. Almost.

Bills over the Dolphins. Some games are forgettable before they're even played.

Bucs over the Lions. It would sure be fun if next year the Lions could have a promising season like the Bucs are having.

Chiefs over the Rams. A game with possible playoff implications for both teams. Kinda sounds weird when talking that way about the Rams and Chiefs doesn't it?

Cardinals over the Panthers. Someone has to win this.

Giants over the Eagles. Vick has to hope he doesn't get battered like the last time he saw the G-Men. I do agree with those that say Vick doesn't get the same protection as other QBs. He brings some of the hits on himself but there are other times when the refs seem to be swallowing their whistles. The hit he took out of bounds last week (a penalty that wasn't called) was ridiculous.

Falcons over the Seahawks. Seattle is tough at home so this is another game for Atlanta to show they are the NFC team to beat this year.

Raiders over the Broncos. This rivalry just doesn't have the same juice without the background noise of Shannahan and his feud against Al Davis.

Steelers over the Jets. The Jets' close victories earlier in the season look like a sign that they were getting a bit lucky rather than being really good.

Patriots over the Packers. If Aaron Rodgers was playing for the Packers this week I would give them a fighting chance against the Pats. He's out with the concussion symptoms and without him it could be a blowout for New England.

Bears over the Vikings. It's really strange to see Favre on the sidelines. His streak was to me the most impressive of all playing streaks among the different sports. Cal Ripken and Lou Gehrig were great but they didn't have Michael Strahan or Ed Reed trying to take their head off. Favre stayed at least a year too long and I've had my fill of the drama but the guy was fun to watch. His legacy has been destroyed in the short term but hopefully we can look back again at some point and remember when he was the most popular player in the league..... and one of the best.

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