Thursday, December 02, 2010

NFL Picks: Week 13

Eagles over the Texans. I think the Eagles bounce back this week. How great was the Johnson fight last week? I have never liked the Titan's corner (Finnegan). As awesome as it was, both needed to be suspended and it really is a joke that the NFL is so inconsistent in their punishments.

Saints over the Bengals. The Saints are not as good away from home but the way the Bengals have been playing doesn't leave you full of confidence that they can deny them a victory. Brees hasn't been spectacular this year but he's still been very good. The Saints may sneak up on people this year which is kind of weird because they are the defending champions.

Bears over the Lions. Looks like I'm going to have to accept it. The Bears may just be good again. Their offense has improved and their defense is ferocious . Julius Peppers is not the only one making plays (Urlacher is back in form) but Peppers seems to be a perfect fit in Chicago.

Packers over the 49ers. If the Pack can get rid of the mental mistakes this should be a blowout. Does anyone throw a better deep ball than Aaron Rodgers? His arm and that tight spiral are the stuff of legend already.

Jaguars over the Titans. I just can't get over how badly it went for Vince Young this year. His QB rating was solid. He had some nice victories. And then he completely melted down. If he wasn't injured this would be a huge story the rest of the season. Imagine what would happen to this guy if things ever went really bad. He might disappear and threaten to harm himself. Oh wait, that already happened. --Compare him to the Jag's David Garrard. This is a guy who in my opinion is not much more than an average QB but who has good leadership skills. He has his good and bad days. But do you ever hear much controversy about him? No, he has some maturity which is a must if you want to last a few years as a QB in the NFL.

Chiefs over the Broncos. Time for me to beat a dead horse again. The best running back in the NFL this season is Jamaal Charles. I've been saying he needs more carries. He nearly has as many yards as the Texan's Arian Foster and he has approximately 80 fewer rushing attempts! Maybe he has fresh legs and that's why he's been great. I don't know. I don't think he needs to be a workhorse but 4-5 more carries a game at least is reasonable. The K.C. offense has been solid with Dwayne Bowe at receiver and Matt Cassel is living up to some expectations. Stats aren't everything but he has some nice numbers this year they do indicate that he's worth keeping around.
--speaking of stats...... the Bronco's Kyle Orton has some great numbers and should get a shot next year as well but the running game isn't there this year and the Denver defense has given up some critical touchdowns. I can't go with them against the Chiefs at home.

Dolphins over the Browns. Delhomme almost killed Cleveland last week. He's starting again this week. Yikes.

Vikings over the Bills. Was it last week ..or the week before that I praised the up and coming Bills receiver Steve Johnson? Then he goes out and drops 5 passes (none more critical than the overtime drop in the endzone). He wasn't done screwing up though. His "tweet" where he blames God for the butter fingers is classic. Watch for lightning Stevie....24/7

Giants over the Redskins. Doesn't matter that Tom Coughlin is starting Brandon Jacobs over Bradshaw at running back this week. If Jacobs can't get it done, Bradshaw will be back in (fumbling problems or not).

Chargers over the Raiders. Is San Diego now an elite AFC team? Maybe. --5 and 5 is a very average record and they are just as responsible for losses as they are for their very impressive victories. We'll see how it ends up later. Maybe the Chargers will be like the great race horse Zenyatta, always charging down the backstretch.

Seahawks over the Panthers. These are the types of home games that Seattle is usually automatic with.

Falcons over the Bucs. This is Tampa's great chance to prove they are as good as their record. They've beaten nothing but cupcakes this year and now a heavyweight comes to town. Let's go Josh Freeman. Rise and shine.

Rams over the Cardinals. Rams have to win this game. Have to. They play the Saints and Chiefs next, and then finish with divisional foes Seattle and San Francisco. I think the latter two are very winnable but K.C. and New Orleans might be a problem. So if they can go 3-2 to end the season they'll sit at 8-8 which definitely could win the NFC West. It's not pretty but neither am I ---and my wife still loves me.

Colts over the Cowboys. I need to face facts this year. The Colts are just not that good right now. Manning has been average this year but it's not all on him. He's got no running game and his receivers are dropping like flies. And those that are healthy are playing hot potato with his passes. He needs Austin Collie back who is a very reliable target over the middle. If Collie can keep from getting his bell rung again and the Colts can get a few easy TDs going into the final weeks then maybe they can become dangerous again. They have a favorable schedule to finish up the season so if they can get a game ahead of the Jags and stay there they will be in the playoffs again. But they sure don't look like contenders this year.

Steelers over the Ravens. This seems like a tough one to pick. Two teams with warrior mentalities. They usually play close and nasty. I'm going with the Steelers in another tight one.

Patriots over the Jets. I'm conflicted here. I agree with the thought that if the Jets were to win this and then had to play the Pats in the playoffs, they would struggle to win 3 straight games against Brady and crew. Who knows if they'll meet in the playoffs though. Go Jets.

Last Week: 13-3
Overall: 100-75 (57%)

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