Thursday, December 07, 2006

NFL picks: Week 14

Steelers over the Browns
I'm bored thinking about this game

Falcons over the Bucs
Can Atlanta run over Tampa? Tough game last time and I suspect this one will be close as well.

Redskins over the Eagles
Garcia surprised everyone with the Monday night game but if was a betting man I wouldn't lay anything on that magic happening twice in 6 days.

Giants over the Panthers
Both are desperate. Both of their QBs should be better than they are.

Colts over the Jags
Indy needs to get tough and this is the game to show it.

Patriots over the Dolphins
New England has struggled more than they should but they still are the king of their division.

Lions over the Vikings
Brad Johnson is in a tailspin. Detroit can often be a place to restore lost confidence. But I'm not seeing it this week.

Chiefs over the Ravens
The Ravens should win this but I think Green is healthy now and a field goal will win it.

Titans over the Texans
I believe Vince. I believe.

Bengals over the Raiders
The Raider's defense is much more respectable than their offense so maybe the Bengals won't get a blowout. They should still win comfortably.

Seahawks over the Cardinals
Despite the Cardinal win last week, they aren't fixed yet.

49ers over the Packers
Favre is just going through the motions. He doesn't really want to be there. If they win he's thinking about sticking around. If they lose he sounds really unsure about why he came back. Sounds to me like he needs to retire and end this self imposed roller coaster.

Chargers over the Broncos
The move to Cutler comes too late.

Jets over the Bills
Losman is playing better so even though this should be a win for NY, they can't take Buffalo lightly.

Cowboys over the Saints
I would love to see Brees and Bush dominate this game. But the Dallas D is playing well and Romo is a very confident QB right now.

Bears over the Rams
The Rams defense is the perfect cure for what ails Rex Grossman.

Last Week: 10-5 (66%)

Overall: 127-63 (67%)

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