Friday, December 01, 2006

NFL Picks: Week 13

Like I mentioned in my previous post, we have a new baby in the house now, so my time is limited untill things settle a bit. Thus, I'm just posting picks minus the senseless banter and stupid comments included (stop clapping...I mean it). The only game I won't try to predict the outcome is the Bengal/Ravens game since it already happened (although honestly I would have picked the Bengals --barely because they were home).

Rams over the Cardinals

Bears over the Vikings

Browns over the Chiefs

Chargers over the Bills

Colts over the Titans

Packers over the Jets

Falcons over the Redskins

Patriots over the Lions

Saints over the 49ers

Raiders over the Texans

Jaguars over the Dolphins

Cowboys over the Giants

Steelers over the Bucs

Seahawks over the Broncos

Panthers over the Eagles

Last Week: 12-4 (75%)

Overall: 117-58 (67%)

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