Friday, July 28, 2006

Fun in the sun

As if my posting habits aren't bad enough, I'm off to Puerto Rico for a week to work on my tan. But before I go just a couple of quick thoughts:

-Reggie Bush should remember the lesson of Cedric Benson and Philip Rivers. When you have a pretty good guy playing your position already on the team, it is a big mistake to hold out for much time in training camp. Maybe Bush will sign soon and that will be that. But if not he will only hurt himself and fans who want to see him at his best during the season. Rookies need the time to learn their position at the pro level.

-What the hell's going on with the Minnesota Twins? They are playing out of their minds the last few weeks. Wouldn't it be wild if both the Twins and Tigers made it to the post-season (one as the wild card)? That would be a bit embarrasing for the big money clubs.

-I'm pissed Harold Reynolds couldn't keep his hands to himself. Now John Kruk will have even more room on set to wiggle his fat ass and spout complete nonsense. Harold say it ain't so.

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